Biden And 500 Kids: Truth Over Fact

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I’m sure you recall, gentle readers, the final presidential debate.  May I call your attention particularly to the portion of that event where Kristen Welker brought up immigration, but in a way that gave Joe Biden a perfect and obviously previously prepared—I’ve little doubt Biden was given the questions in advance–avenue of attack on President Trump. From the debate transcript:

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Trump: A Fake But Accurate Popcorn Fart — Stately McDaniel Manor

Traditionally, Americans have looked for an “October Surprise,” which is some sensational—we now call them “bombshells”—story about whichever presidential candidate the media disfavors. Circa 2020, the media are the propaganda arm of the D/S/C party, and “bombshells” are exploding virtually daily, always against President Trump, and always amounting to less than popcorn farts. Professor Jacobson […]

Trump: A Fake But Accurate Popcorn Fart — Stately McDaniel Manor

The Democrats’ plan for the military in the coming coup

The Democrats have played a long game and are confident that, when they begin their openly planned coup, the military will support them. Michael Anton’s essay is framed as a question: “ The Coming Coup ?” In fact, Anton proves that the planned coup is already in play.


Let me repeat what might have been lost on you: One of the scenarios was a “clear Trump win.” That is, the Democrats are not talking about making an uproar if there’s a repeat of the 2000 election when one state (Florida) had a narrow victory for Bush. Instead, the Democrats are saying that if Trump has a repeat of Nixon’s 49-state sweep, they’re going to take to the street.

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All the President’s Norms

Trump haters wage a war on standards and use his bad behavior as an excuse.


The critics will say this is all whataboutism. But that’s not an answer, it’s an evasion. If norms are norms, they apply to everyone. Unfortunately, as my colleague Kim Strassel notes in her book “Resistance (at All Costs),” the reigning standard of the Trump norm busters is this: “You either hate the man, or you are as bad as the man.”

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A vote for Trump is a vote for the children

A favorite leftist argument is that something is “for the children.” To really benefit kids, protect them from the left and vote for Trump. How often have you heard leftists insist upon a person or policy by saying, “It’s for the children.” Obamacare was “for the children.” An open border was “for the children.” The unconstitutional DREAM program was “for the children.” The left, despite it’s obsession with abortion, is always for the children.

But there may be an ugly side to that. It turns out that a lot of those people who are “for the children,” don’t actually have children’s best interests in mind. This is a bit of a rough post, because I’m trying to refine the concept about the left and child abuse, on the one hand, and Trump’s incredible push to rescue children from dangerous situations on the other hand. I’d appreciate it, if you have good sites, if you would include them in the comments.

Have you noticed how many of the Antifa and BLM militia members are either teachers or child predators? Already back in March, before the riots got going, Anna Slatz was writing at the Post Millennial  that “Antifa has a pedophile problem.” Her essay begins with the pedophile heading Ireland’s Antifa organization, but then expands to Antifa as a whole…

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I Was Never Trump. Not Anymore.


Back then I thought I was a Never Trumper. Now I realize I was wrong. If the election took place today, I would vote to re-elect President Trump.

I still find Mr. Trump’s style grating, and I cringe at his narcissism. Some of his junior subordinates are wanting in talent or experience. His friendliness with the dictators of Russia and North Korea is wrong-headed, even dangerous. As for ethics, I believe he hasn’t sufficiently ensured that his hotel empire derives no profit from hosting U.S. and foreign government officials. And I think the president clearly doesn’t understand the principle of mutual gains from trade.

Notwithstanding these weaknesses, I believe that the Trump presidency has been, to a large extent, successful. Mr. Trump survived a politicized, even somewhat corrupt impeachment campaign. He has confronted a once-in-a-century virus of foreign origin in good faith and with candor. Despite often-contemptuous hostility by the elite press, and outright civil disobedience by several federal judges, the president has performed his duties and genuinely tried to keep his promises.

Joe Biden, on the other hand, is weak and presides over a party that coddles extremists and sometimes seems to condone riotous violence. President Trump deserves re-election, and this time I’ll cast my vote for him.

Source: I Was Never Trump. Not Anymore.

30 Good Things President Trump Has Done for America — Lord Buckbeak

By Wayne Grudem – August 21, 2020 President Trump receives non-stop criticism in the press. I agree that criticism is necessary when a president makes mistakes, but where are the voices expressing apprecia tion for the good things Trump has done? It’s unfair always to criticize and never to recognize any of the good things […]

30 Good Things President Trump Has Done for America — Lord Buckbeak