JIM TREACHER: Buffalo, NY: Yet Another Hate-Crime Hoax. The owner of a BMW that was spray-painted w…

For the PMS files (Political Munchausen Syndrome):

JIM TREACHER: Buffalo, NY: Yet Another Hate-Crime Hoax . The owner of a BMW that was spray-painted with racist and homophobic graffiti in October is now facing insurance fraud charges. Erie County District Attorney John Flynn announced Tuesday that, Clifton Eutsey, 18, allegedly spray-painted messages of hate on his own car in North Buffalo.

Source: JIM TREACHER: Buffalo, NY: Yet Another Hate-Crime Hoax. The owner of a BMW that was spray-painted w…

Flashback: Here’s A [2019] List Of Hoax ‘Hate Crimes’ In The Trump Era.

A Diagnosis

(Don Boudreaux) Tweet Craig Pirrong makes an excellent diagnosis of the disease that now endangers so much of the world, including America . Two slices: It’s more than fair to say that we are experiencing a pandemic, but not the one you hear about ad nauseum .


Munchausen’s Syndrome by Proxy is a mental illness in which the sufferer fantasizes that others–usually people in their charge, such as children–are suffering from serious illness and require drastic medical intervention.

Observe what has happened over the last 7 months, and what if anything is increasing in intensity today. The obsession with Covid-19. The monomaniacal focus on “cases” (usually the result of hypersensitive tests prone to false positives), with the belief that people who test positive are sick, and huge numbers of those who become sick will die.

Given the actual experience over the last several months, these beliefs are wildly exaggerated–imaginary, fantasized illnesses, with fantasized severity, just the kind of thing that a sufferer of MSbP does.

And there’s more to the diagnosis. MSbP sufferers subject the people whom they imagine are ill with suffocating attention and unnecessary, and often harmful, health-related interventions. You know, like lockdowns; draconian restrictions on movement, social contact, and other features of everyday life; the shutting down of schools and colleges; and strident demands to wear masks–even between bites of your meal if you are in California.

Source: A Diagnosis