Shoot To Wound?

And I recall reading a police magazine that had been left lying around. The cover article pointed out that police are much worse at both driving and shooting than they think they are.

And based on recent events, it looks like Kyle Rittenhouse is much better at shooting than the average cop.

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I see it all the time, and much more frequently these “interesting” days.  The police shoot someone, and whether it was clearly justified or not, talking heads, D/S/Cs, and others plaintively or angrily demand:

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Blacks are not the only people who get themselves killed by resisting arrest

Shipwreckedcrew: As A Middle Aged White Man I Fear For My Life — Every Time I Resist Arrest or Pull Out a Weapon On a Police Officer The piece contains numerous examples of whites getting themselves killed by resisting arrest. As I note elsewhere Jacob Blake was shot because he acted like an idiot resisting arrest instead of complying with the officers’ demand.

Source: Blacks are not the only people who get themselves killed by resisting arrest

Campaign Zero: Doing the Hard Work on Police Accountability

Opposition to the BLM organization does not mean I believe the police don’t need reforming. Here are some points I think we can all agree need to be addressed.

In many other posts , I have credited BLM for bringing attention to police accountability issues but have criticized them for not doing the hard local work to start fixing things (“defund the police” and looting Apple stores both being, to my mind, equally ineffectual approaches).

Source: Campaign Zero: Doing the Hard Work on Police Accountability

OUTKICK: Leaked Video Exposes George Floyd’s Death As Tragedy And Race Hoax Used To Divide Us. …

OUTKICK: Leaked Video Exposes George Floyd’s Death As Tragedy And Race Hoax Used To Divide Us. Will anyone locked inside the NBA’s groupthink bubble react to the leaked bodycam footage of George Floyd’s arrest and tragic death? The Daily Mail, a London-based newspaper, published the bodycam videos of two of the four former Minneapolis police officers charged with crimes in Floyd’s death.

Source: OUTKICK: Leaked Video Exposes George Floyd’s Death As Tragedy And Race Hoax Used To Divide Us. …

Police Abolitionist Story Was False

7/21/20 The Federalist: “We called 911 for almost everything except snitching” reads the first line of an Atlantic article, “How I Became a Police Abolitionist,” by social justice activist and lawyer Derecka Purnell. Her deeply personal essay, first published July 6 in the Ideas section, tells of her childhood in a polluted neighborhood surrounded by violence and beset by fear, using one particularly disturbing memory of a police officer shooting their cousin, just a “boy,” in the arm for skipping the basketball sign-in sheet in front of Purnell and her sister, who had been playing basketball but were forced to hide “in the locker room for hours afterward.” “When people dismiss abolitionists for not caring about victims or safety,” she writes, “they tend to forget that we are those victims, those survivors of violence.” “This story means everything to me,” Purnell wrote on Facebook later that day. “I cried a lot while writing it.” An investigation by The Federalist encompassing newspaper archives, police department records, questions to The Atlantic, the police union, and the office of the mayor, however, called the story — including facts about the neighborhood, the timeline of the incident, and if the incident described even happened at all — into question.

Source: Police Abolitionist Story Was False

It seems the Atlantic is up to its usual tricks.

“Help I’m Being Repressed!” — The Writer in Black

So, Federal agents in unmarked mini-vans are going around and arresting (the screaming leftist pundits are saying “kidnapping”) Antifa and BLM agitators invovled in riots, vandalism, and other crimes (same leftist pundits say “protests”). And I’ve seen some folk out there asking folk like, well, me, why we aren’t up in arms and using our […]

“Help I’m Being Repressed!” — The Writer in Black

Decriminalizing Traffic Laws Is Not Smart Thinking

Source: Decriminalizing Traffic Laws Is Not Smart Thinking

Mr. Pritchard recommends decriminalizing the traffic laws, thereby taking police officers out of the business of enforcing them.

If police are no longer making traffic stops, Mr. Pritchard argues, there are that many fewer encounters with the public where things can go awry. Reduce the number of public contacts, and voila, the number of brutality incidents declines also.

I’m willing to debate the proposal on its merits, but unfortunately Mr. Pritchard doesn’t rest his arguments entirely on the merits, employing some rhetoric more commonly found at Slate or Salon than The Federalist. The piece begins with the premise that because the traffic laws are so voluminous and complex that “to drive is literally to be a criminal,” thus exposing any driver — even you! — to the caprices of heavy-handed police officers looking for an excuse to pull over and terrorize some innocent motorist. And you can well imagine where Mr. Pritchard goes from there. “But when getting pulled over can mean violence or even death,” he says, “the prospect of a traffic stop can be a constant menace.”

And, very predictably, Mr. Pritchard takes us into a discussion of race and the racial disparities he assumes to be inherent in law enforcement:

As anyone who isn’t willfully ignorant knows, that’s the reality facing many black (and brown) Americans today. Poverty dynamics, implicit bias, and a judiciary that has interpreted the Fourth Amendment to place few limits on police discretion all combine to create an environment in which police-related violence has become unacceptably commonplace.

Note the rhetorical device: If you don’t agree with Mr. Pritchard, you must not only be ignorant, but willfully so. Again, you can see this same device employed routinely at both Slate and Salon, but not often at The Federalist.