Yet More on Covid-19’s Risk to Young Adults

(Don Boudreaux) Tweet Here’s a friendly response to Café Hayek commenter Rob Read: Mr. Read: Thanks very much for commenting on the Café Hayek post in which I criticize the authors of a New York Times op-ed for failing to put into context Covid-19’s danger to Americans ages 25-44.


Not only are Covid’s dangers to young adults, by the authors’ own admission, tiny relative to Covid’s dangers to the elderly, Covid’s dangers to young adults are tiny relative to many other dangers that Americans routinely encounter yet never use as an excuse to pummel civilization.

Source: Yet More on Covid-19’s Risk to Young Adults

Keeping Covid Perspective

(Don Boudreaux) Tweet Here’s a much-modified reply that I earlier posted on Facebook to a sympathetic Facebook friend who recently lost her father to Covid-19:

I am truly, deeply sorry for your and your family’s loss of your father to Covid-19, and for his suffering on account of this awful ailment. For the record, however, what I call Covid Derangement Syndrome is not the justified fear of, and prudent responses to, a disease that is undeniably real, painful, and abnormally lethal for the elderly.

Instead, what I believe is deranged is the failure to put Covid-19 in proper perspective. This failure, alas, is both chronic and calamitous. What I am certain is deranged is the current practice of treating everyone as being as vulnerable to Covid as are the elderly. And I am no less certain that the resulting mass hysteria is equally deranged.

Source: Keeping Covid Perspective