Now I’m Committed

I’m at City of Hope, and I’ve just received my big dose of chemo to kill off my bone marrow. Tomorrow, I get the stem cells that were harvested from me put back in.

The idea here is to kill off the cancer in my bone marrow without killing me off, and then grow a new set of bone marrow from the stem cells.

My doctor thinks he’s actually cured a couple of patients, rather than merely extending the time until they relapse.

I won’t mind if it turns out I’m number three. Or even four.

Foot Officially Put Down

I’ve been looking at having a new heart valve installed. One of the drawbacks of having a team of doctors on my case is that I don’t always know what any medical decision is going to be until it’s actually implemented.

The procedure to install the heart valve has been scheduled for August 14. Or not. One oncologist wanted to move it into September. But the other oncologist is fine with leaving it where the cardiologist scheduled it.

I’m happy with August 14 as the date for a new heart valve. It’s exactly opposite Valentine’s Day, so it strikes me as an auspicious date for repairing a broken heart. At least that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

So my instructions to the nurse who called about scheduling is, leave it on the August 14 date, unless someone comes up with a compelling reason to change it.

Now all I have to do is survive it.