AOC Blamed Trump for Assaults on Elderly Asians; The Attacker was Muslim

When a video of an assault on a 91-year-old Asian man went viral, the media and civil rights groups were quick to blame President Trump for using the term, “Chinese Virus”.

“We stand with our Asian American & Pacific Islander community against the rising tide of racism and hate crimes that have been stoked to a fever pitch, much of amplified by the actions of our last president,” Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez tweeted another false accusation.

But when the perpetrator was arrested, he turned out to be Muslim.

Yahya Muslim had allegedly attacked a 60-year-old man and a 55-year-old woman the same day. His arrest told a larger story about why Asian people are really being attacked in Oakland.

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Trump hatred cost lives in pandemic

Roger L. Simon: You don’t have to be Emile Zola to say “ J’accuse! ”

I accuse—in no particular order—Time’s ‘Person of the Year’ nominee and frequent Wuhan, China visitor/collaborator Dr. Anthony Fauci; the Democrat Party (aka the “party of science”) and their nauseating, self-congratulatory leadership; the mainstream media and all their pompous, even more self-congratulatory “ships at sea” from the New York Times to CNN; Dr. Birx and whatever bureaucrat from the CDC was showing his/her face this week; the endless echo chamber in practically every health department in all fifty states; the foreign health departments that largely echoed that echo chamber; Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York (more of him in a moment); Governor Whitmer of Michigan; that atrocious governor of Nevada whose name I can’t remember or bother to look up…. I could go on… all of whom participated in what has emerged to be what is indisputably the greatest national, no, international, health disaster of our time—the Hydroxychloroquine Scandal.


And yet hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) apparently did and does work in many instances, if taken early in the illness.

This was known way back in June 2020 when the esteemed British medical journal Lancet retracted its support of a dubious study it had published opposing the use of HCQ.

“We all entered this collaboration to contribute in good faith and at a time of great need during the COVID-19 pandemic. We deeply apologise to you, the editors, and the journal readership for any embarrassment or inconvenience that this may have caused.”

This apology, made eight months ago, was largely ignored by the mainstream media because it didn’t fit their narrative. And, worse yet, it might have benefited the nefarious Trump.

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If you look at this video from the totally non-partisan Lincoln Project. (Truly. Severe Conservatives, they say.) And follow along with their outrage, you might miss some facts illustrated in a comment from one of my regular commenters :

If there is one thing you always have to remember, it is to read or watch things that purport to contradict your view of what happened.

There is another thing – whether it is contradictory or supporting, look at it with a critical eye, and verify it.

This is no exception.

This video shows people trying to enter the Capitol Building, against opposition from people (reasonably assumed to be officers, either DC Metro or Capitol Police). That is a truth.

What it also shows is that mace was being sprayed from inside. Reasonable. It also shows batons being wielded from inside. It shows what appears to be an officer down (there is a typical arm patch, although not completely identifiable). It shows him on his face, pointed OUT of the building entrance – which says he was struck from BEHIND. Ah. Who was behind him that might have struck him? Only other officers. Slightly later, as the batons were still being frantically wielded, it shows a protestor standing over the fallen officer, holding up his crutch as a makeshift SHIELD over the officer.

Doesn’t look at all like the claim that this was a beating BY the PROTESTORS, does it?

Then look at the source of the video. You have to go to the Twitter account of Hull, where he attributes it to one Ron Filipkowski. Hmm. Look up that name, and his posts elsewhere. Ah. This person is a rabid TRUMP HATER from Florida. Registered as a Republican, true – but that is meaningless in this day and age. What is he doing in DC, among the protestors, when he wants nothing more than to demonize and destroy Trump? No, he’s not a “journalist” either official or citizen – he’s a lawyer that had a political appointment to a judicial selection committee (which he resigned from when one of the CoViD panic scammers in his State was raided). There is also one INDIVIDUAL voice that comes clearly in the video – one that had to be very close to the camera, and most likely Filipkowski himself. That voice utters one phrase – “Get that son of a b**** out of there!” That was undeniably an incitement to further violence – but by WHOM?



2020, the year the experts killed us

2020 was not a bad year. It was just drawn that way. Throughout the year, the experts kept giving bad advice which resulted in 300,000 covid 19-related deaths.

The bad advice began from the get-go, when President Donald John Trump placed travel restrictions on Red China to stop the spread of the virus.

Within hours, STAT New reported, “Health experts warn China travel ban will hinder coronavirus response.”


WHO spokesman Tarik Jašarević said, “Although travel restrictions may intuitively seem like the right thing to do, this is not something that WHO usually recommends. This is because of the social disruption they cause and the intensive use of resources required.”
On February 5, the New York Times declared, “Who Says It’s Not Safe to Travel to China? The coronavirus travel ban is unjust and doesn’t work anyway.”
Later, Democrats complained that President Trump did not act quick enough in restricting travel.
On February 17, USA Today reported, “Top disease official: Risk of coronavirus in USA is ‘minuscule’; skip mask and wash hands.”
Tony Fauci had talked to the editorial board of the newspaper.
He said, “Whenever you have the threat of a transmissible infection, there are varying degrees from understandable to outlandish extrapolations of fear.”
Fauci also said, “If you look at the masks that you buy in a drug store, the leakage around that doesn’t really do much to protect you. People start saying, ‘Should I start wearing a mask?’ Now, in the United States, there is absolutely no reason whatsoever to wear a mask.”
Gee, I wonder where the anti-maskers got the idea that masks don’t work.

Source: 2020, the year the experts killed us

NOT THAT THEY’LL ADMIT IT: Trump’s Coronavirus Vaccine Timeline Vindicated, Corporate Media Hard…

NOT THAT THEY’LL ADMIT IT: Trump’s Coronavirus Vaccine Timeline Vindicated, Corporate Media Hardest Hit.

Since the pandemic started here in the U.S., the media and Democrats have fed frustrated Americans a steady diet of negativity in response to Trump talking about possible treatments for the virus, with their downplaying of the use of hydroxychloroquine among the more notable examples. They even suggested at one point early on that the sole reason Trump talked so often about the anti-malarial drug was not because he was so much interested in helping people recover but because he had a significant financial stake in it.

It’s hard to pinpoint which was worse: Trump’s detractors deliberately throwing cold water on hydroxychloroquine in spite of various studies and independent claims as to the drug’s effectiveness or their repeated attempts at discrediting Trump’s assertions that a vaccine for the virus would be ready by the end of the year.

The media “fact checks” on a fast-tracked vaccine for the virus started in early March, with the Washington Post citing two “medical experts,” with one of them being National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases director Dr. Fauci, shooting down the possibility of a vaccine being available before the end of the year:


NBC News reported in a May “fact check” that “experts say [Trump] needs a ‘miracle’ to be right” about a vaccine being available by the end of 2020:


While Trump didn’t have a crystal ball to be able to know exactly when the vaccine would be ready, he did appear to understand that putting intense amounts of public pressure on PfizerModernaAstraZeneca, and others to keep their eye on the ball and get it done would aid in lighting the necessary fires that would ensure vaccine availability by the end of the year.

Assuming Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are certified the winners of the presidential election, the media and Democrats will work overtime to credit them for the vaccine all while ignoring their combined roles in whipping up skepticism for it.

But what shouldn’t get lost in all the fanfare over the vaccine’s continued rollout in a possible Biden-Harris administration is just who had a major hand in expediting the process from the very start via a targeted public relations campaign. Hint: It wasn’t Biden and Harris. It was the guy who the media and Democrats repeatedly said couldn’t get it done.

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The ‘Trump is Hitler’ meme collides with reality

The ‘Trump is Hitler’ meme collides with reality

The use and abuse of the word fascism these past four years has done real damage.

So this is how America’s ‘fascist’ presidency ends — with the peaceful transfer of power.

This is the news that Donald Trump has kind of conceded the US presidential election to Joe Biden. With Trump’s blessing, the official transition process has begun – though he is continuing to claim the election was ‘rigged’.


To take issue with the ‘Trump is Hitler’ meme is not to squabble over semantics or overheated partisan rhetoric. It has been immensely damaging to politics over the past four years, for a few reasons.

First, it has made criticising the Trump administration in a clear-eyed way virtually impossible. Rather than attack Trump for the wrongheaded things he was actually doing, pundits constructed fantasies of a new 1930s. Much time was lost arguing the toss over their fever dreams rather than discussing what was actually happening.

Trump’s years spent sowing doubt in the electoral process is a case in point.

His refusal to recognise any election result that doesn’t go his way – he also claims he won the popular vote in 2016 – is genuinely shameful and anti-democratic. But as the past few weeks have shown, these are more egotistical rants than serious threats to American democracy.

Second, it has downplayed the ills of the political elites who preceded Trump. Anyone who joined the anti-Trump ‘Resistance’ was hailed as a hero – even warmongering Republicans responsible for inflicting genuine fire, fury and bloodshed on innocent people around the world.

Similarly, the Trump administration’s detention of migrants at the southern border was time and again held up as uniquely fascistic. Democratic Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez accused Trump of running ‘concentration camps’.

But while Trump’s family-separation policy was brutal, the detention centres run during Barack Obama’s tenure were hardly pleasant. Indeed, the ‘it’s only bad when Trump does it’ routine reached its embarrassing nadir when leading Democrats unwittingly tweeted an image of caged migrant children dating from 2014.

But more than all that, more than an assault on common sense and rational debate, the Trump-Hitler stuff has been a vile assault on historical memory itself.


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The Trump legacy will live on even if he is out of power

Joel Kotkin: … Trump may soon be out of power, but many of his views on international trade, media, economics and immigration will continue to influence politics for the next decade. We might see the end of President Trump, but the forces and attitudes he has unleashed likely will remain with us for decades to come.


Trump has changed America much more than the media has been willing to concede and it will have a lasting impact as even Biden has begun pushing an America first agenda on trade if not on international affairs where he is still bitterly clinging to Obama’s bad Iran deal and Paris climate agreement.  Both of these were terrible agreements that helped the two countries who are major threats to the US and its allies.  It is little wonder that Middle East countries favor Trump’s policies and have reconciled with Israel and Asain countries openly say Trump was better.  The media’s hatred of Trump caused them to ignore these successes.

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The Media Mask Slips

(Steven Hayward) There’s a refrain on the left that is now so familiar as to be unremarkable. The form runs, “Even Reagan wasn’t as bad as [insert current Republican president here].” It got a workout under George W. Bush, and it’s gotten heavy use under Trump.

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Every Republican candidate for President since Reagan has been labeled the racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic bastard child of Satan and Hitler. You’d think sooner or later, people would quit responding to the cries of “wolf!”