Why Black Americans Choose to Live in TX, FL & GA

If you consult the likes of Paul Krugman or MSNBC, you’ll hear that Texas, Florida, and Georgia are failed states, run into the ground by right-wing ideologues.


It might be jarring, then, for these New York-based commentators to open an ideologically friendly news outlet in Austin and see this headline: “People of color make up 95% of Texas’ population growth.”

Texas gained the most black people, nearly 700,000, of any state in the country. Georgia and Florida were second and third place, increasing their black populations by 450,000 and 390,000, respectively. All three states were governed by Republican governors with Republican-run legislatures throughout the decade. Texas saw its black population grow by 23% while Georgia and Florida saw 15% and 13% growth respectively.

The largest Democrat-run states, New York, Illinois, and California, saw nothing of the sort. Illinois’s black population shrunk. California and New York saw such small black population growth that black people became even smaller minorities in those states.


Progressives and centrist Democrats are entitled to run California, New York, and Illinois in the way they see fit. They are entitled to curse low taxes, lower costs of living, and the absence of state-enforced woke ideology. But if they actually care about helping people of color, maybe they should take a cue from Texas and Florida and Georgia, which are evidently providing black and Hispanic people with what they want.

Source: Why Black Americans Choose to Live in TX, FL & GA

Getting Woke before Woke Was a Thing

Beginning in the 1960s, most Southerners walked away from racism and embraced true equality.


A lot of things changed for us in the coming years. All over the South, people were making the choices that my father and community had made. It was one person at a time, family by family and town by town. We realized that much of what we believed was simply wrong. It was not what God wanted and it was not reasonable.

The political realignment was only a small part of this. The South has not become solidly Republican because of race. The move to Republicanism in the South is more about liberty. The Southern people tend to be fiercely freedom-loving people who want all people to share in the dream of the Declaration of Independence: Life, liberty, and freedom from government oversight as we pursue happiness. The free market is an integral part of this liberty.

My memory throws up one final, defining moment in my becoming “woke” before there was such a thing. One day there was an African-American lady visiting my mother in our home. (I am not using her real name.) A news program on TV was discussing the preferred words for the people we now call “African American” or, if we’re really progressive, “BIPOC.”

Back then, the discussion was whether we should change from the technically correct “Negro” to the coming-into-vogue “Black.” I embarrassed my mother by asking our guest what she wanted to be called. With great wisdom and seriousness, she said, “You can call me Mary, but your parents would probably prefer that you call me Mrs. Smith.”

I understood perfectly.

Source: Getting Woke before Woke Was a Thing

Dan Crenshaw’s America

On Friday, though, Crenshaw published a Twitter thread (which I’m presenting below as a straight text list) that deserves respect.  In it, he simply and clearly articulates principles that are the antithesis of the madness the Biden administration and the rest of the Democrat party crew are imposing on our nation:

The Conservative Guide to the Culture Wars (in no particular order):

1. America is worthy of our love and patriotism.

2. Victor mentality is better than a victim mentality.

3. Free speech is absolute. “Hate speech” is not an objective term.

4. It doesn’t matter what kind of gun you restrict, criminals still hurt people. Let us protect ourselves.

5. You get to keep wealth you create & pass it to your kids.

6. The govt has no right to shut down your business or invade your home without due process, even in pandemics.

7. Women should not have to compete against men in women’s sports.

8. Verifying ID to vote is not racist.  It is common sense.

9. Borders and national sovereignty are not racist or xenophobic.

10. You can’t have freedom without order, order without law, law without morality, morality without religion, or religion without God.

11. Innocent until proven guilty — not the other way around.

12. Personal responsibility is a virtue.

13. Never give into cancel culture (but stay humble and apologize when you’re wrong).

14. The founding was 1776, not 1619.

15. Stand for the anthem.

16. Policy that favors one race over another is not “social justice,” it is racist.

17. It’s Latinos, not Latinx.

18. Less abortion, more adoption.

19. Only women can be pregnant and breastfeed.

20. It’s ok to lose in competitive sports, and second place trophies don’t help anyone (but also see # 7).

21. More police, not defund the police.

22. We don’t tear up the past, we learn from it.

23. This list is not exhaustive.

Source: Dan Crenshaw’s America