Ugly “Benevolent Racism” From The “Woke”

“Benevolent racism” is my term for the ugly, infantilizing, and ultimately highly racist directives from “Woke”-ville to treat people who are black as if they are incompetent and fragile children. Glenn Loury has an absolutely stellar piece on this at Free Black Thought. An excerpt:

In The Power of the Powerless, the Czech politician and playwright Vaclav Havel invites us to empathize with those “living within the lie” during the time of Soviet hegemony in Eastern Europe. Envision the dilemma of a simple man, a grocer who every morning puts a sign in the window next to his tomatoes and his lettuce that says “Workers of the World Unite.” Havel asks, why does this grocer do this when everyone knows it’s a fraud? “Workers unite?” The party lies constantly. Everyone knows that the official ideology of the state is completely bankrupt, and yet this goes on for decades: people reproducing and reinforcing this idea, this lie, out of a desire merely to be left alone. So, we should ask ourselves, how many “Black Lives Matter” signs in shop windows reflect the same instinct as Havel’s grocer? That’s not anti-racism, genuine human empathy, or authentic concern for your fellow citizen, for your brother or sister. That’s living within the lie.

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[David Bernstein] An Example of Why I No Longer Trust the New York Times

I can’t say I’ve ever fully trusted the Times to be accurate, but until recently I generally felt fairly confident that even if a story was slanted in perspective, the facts that were reported were basically accurate. Not anymore.

For example, here is the Times yesterday, in a news story on the front page (and linked here to the Baltimore Sun to evade a paywll): “For months, Republicans have used last summer’s protests as a political catchall, highlighting isolated instances of property destruction and calls to defund the police to motivate their base in November.” (emphasis added)

As I’ve noted previously, the property losses from the riots and looting last summer were on a par with the Los Angeles riots of 1992 and the totality of the 1960s urban riots. They included nightly riots in Portland, the destruction of a several blocks of Minneapolis, the establishment of a lawless anarchist zone for twenty-three days in Seattle, and riots in cities all over the country. I was in Omaha last summer, and I was surprised to find that the downtown was full of boarded-up shops whose windows had been smashed. A good friend from Albany, NY was just telling me about property destruction and looting there. I mention these because they did not make the national news, but there are many other examples from New York to Los Angeles.

In short, if I read this article in the Times and believed it, I would think there were just a few isolated incidents where property was destroyed last summer, and I wouldn’t even know who undertook the destruction. If the Times had tried to convey the facts, it would have instead stated something like that the Republicans highlighted “the most destructive riots in decades, causing various levels of chaos and destruction in cities across the country, that grew out of the protests, mostly peaceful, over George Floyd’s death.”

In any event, the fact that I could read an article like this one and wind up *less* informed than I was when I started is why I don’t trust the Times anymore. I’m hoping that once Trump is out of the way, the Times’ reporters and editors no longer feel to skew their coverage for fear of helping Trump the way their coverage of Clinton’s emails in 2016 may have helped him, but I have the feeling this is an indefinite change for the worse.

Source: [David Bernstein] An Example of Why I No Longer Trust the New York Times

Insurrection? 2–UPDATED X 3 — Stately McDaniel Manor

Recently, in Insurrection? I made these observations, based solely on my viewing of photos and videos from the January 6th Capital Hill event: Once inside, virtually all of the “domestic terrorists” politely kept within the velvet ropes, stopped to view the paintings and statutes, to take the occasional photo or selfie, and to enjoy the […]

Insurrection? 2–UPDATED X 3 — Stately McDaniel Manor

Unfortunately, it’ll take an awful lot to upend the official narrative.

[David Bernstein] Gaslighting Last Summer’s Riots and the Law Enforcement Response

[The notion that law enforcement routinely and violently cracked down on peaceful demonstrations, or even looting and rioting, is not consistent with the facts.] Last week, Joe Biden stated that if the rioters at the Capitol last week had been associated with Black Lives Matters, they would have been treated much more harshly.

Source: [David Bernstein] Gaslighting Last Summer’s Riots and the Law Enforcement Response

Gaslighting Last Summer’s Riots and the Law Enforcement Response

Last week, Jo e Biden stated that if the rioters at the Capitol last week had been associated with Black Lives Matters, they would have been treated much more harshly . I heard a segment on NPR this morning with the same theme. The implication is that right-wing and white rioters get treated with kid gloves, while left-wing and minority rioters–and even peaceful protesters–face violent crackdowns.


The Capitol Police were woefully understaffed and under-prepared for last Wednesday’s riot. The reasons for that need to be thoroughly investigated. But the notion that right-wing mostly white rioters get special treatment while BLM-associated lawless behavior attracts violent, harsh, crackdown is at odds with what actually happened last summer.

Source: Gaslighting Last Summer’s Riots and the Law Enforcement Response

Thoughts, the day after

As a thought experiment, just think for a moment if yesterday’s Capitol demonstration/protest/invasion had been perpetrated by BLM or some other leftist group. Does anyone doubt for a moment that the condemnation from the left, the Democrats, and the MSM would have been tepid and spotty, and the story would have died rather quickly?

The double standards we’ve had for years are a pernicious part of the problem, and they’re not going away any time soon, because yesterday was something people can sink their teeth into.

Some on the right are saying that the left will be using this like the Nazis used the Reichstag fire. If they mean “to stoke hatred against the right as well as to repress it further,” then I agree. I’m not sure whether most people saying this realize that there is no historical consensus on who set the Reichstag fire: Communists as accused, or the Nazis themselves. But there is no dispute on how it was used by the Nazis.

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Flashback 2020: Six Months of Antifa/BLM Looting, Rioting, and Chaos

If there is any “two systems of justice” situation here, it’s that there are one set of rules for right-wing rioters and none for left-wing rioters who terrorized entire communities for months on end in 2020.

On Thursday, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris used their platforms as the next POTUS and VPOTUS of the United States to gaslight the American people with their dishonest comparison of Wednesday’s Capitol Hill riots to the Antifa/Black Lives Matter looting and riots that happened in Democrat-run cities for over six months in the aftermath of the death of George Floyd.

Biden threw gasoline on the fire by proclaiming that “No one can tell me that if it had been a group of Black Lives Matter protesting yesterday, they wouldn’t have been treated very, very differently than the mob of thugs that stormed the Capitol.”

Harris did her part in lighting a match as well, declaring that “We witnessed two systems of justice when we saw one that let extremists storm the United States Capitol, and another that released tear gas on peaceful protesters last summer.”

In reality, in most instances the radicals in BLM and Antifa were allowed to get away with their heinous actions last year, even being treated as heroes by the mainstream press and Democrats – some of whom, like Harris and the Biden campaign, promoted their bail funds.

Source: Flashback 2020: Six Months of Antifa/BLM Looting, Rioting, and Chaos

Here’s a look back through the Legal Insurrection archives at the protest violence and other dangerous activities that occurred during an over six-month period of time here in America in 2020 courtesy of the left-wing extremists in Antifa and BLM:

MSNBC Reporter Describes Minneapolis “Protest” as “Not, Generally Speaking, Unruly” as He Stands in Front of Burning Building

Mob Throws Statue of Hans Christian Heg, Abolitionist, Into Lake Monona
It’s Going Down: Seattle Surrenders a Police Station and Four City Blocks to Antifa
America Under Attack: Riots and Looting Nationwide

Portland Rioters Set Fire to Bloody Pig’s Head With Cop’s Hat on U.S. Flag
Man Violently Attacked in Portland: “I was stabbed for being a conservative journalist”
Media, Portland Mayor Mischaracterize Assault on Federal Courthouse as “Protests”

Sen. Rand Paul and others attacked by DC mobs after leaving Trump speech
Kenosha, WI Under Siege By Antifa/BLM Rioters
Riot First, Asks Questions Later: Minneapolis Looting Sparked By False Report Of Police Shooting
DC BLM Mob Harasses White Diners, Demanding They Raise Fists In Solidarity
Portland Rioters Wheel Guillotine Through Suburbs, Execute American Flag
Report: Seattle Rioters Tried to Burn Police Officers Alive By Sealing Precinct Door Shut
Portland: BLM Mob Causes Man to Crash, Beats Him Unconscious
‘Peaceful Protesters’ in Portland Set Fire to County Government Building
Chicago Looters Attack Ronald McDonald House
Over 100 People Arrested in Chicago Overnight Amid Rampant Rioting and Looting

Louisville, Other Cities Struck by Violence, Riots for Second Night After Breonna Taylor Decision
BLM Protesters Target Georgetown CVS Because Employees Called Police on Shoplifters
Two Los Angeles County Deputies Shot; BLM Chants “We Hope They Die” Outside Hospital
Black Lives Matter Rioters Ransack Rochester, NY
‘Peaceful Protests’ Push St. Louis, Portland Mayors Out of Their Homes

National Guard Deployed to Philadelphia After Violence, Looting Explodes for the Second Night
Pro-Trump Rally Attacked In Liberal Ithaca (NY)
BLM Rioters Damage Homes, Stores in Wisconsin After DA Won’t Charge Cop in Fatal Shooting

Democrats and the media coddled Antifa/BLM rioters at a time when stepping up and speaking out strongly against them might have made a difference. Republicans not only repeatedly condemned last year’s looting and riots, but did the same with the Capitol Hill violence that happened earlier this week.

That’s something to remember the next time anyone on the left or in the media tries to pretend they have any moral high ground here. They most certainly do not.

To the public, all lives matter…

…although to the elites, Democratic politicians, and to the left (is that redundant?), BLM is the new religion and “all lives matter” is unforgivable racist heresy against it. The fact the black lives are included in “all lives” is explained away by the left with various sophistic ploys.


Twice as may Americans back the “All Lives Matter” slogan over the “Black Lives Matter” slogan, says a new Rasmussen survey of 1,000 likely voters.

Among blacks, a 47 percent plurality picked “All Lives Matter” over the 44 percent who picked “Black Lives Matter.”

The June 15-16 poll asked respondents: “Which statement is closest to your own?”

Source: To the public, all lives matter…