Martin/Brown: Ending Racism

Saying that certain races can’t be expected to live up to the standards of white folk is the very essence of racism.

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Trayvon Martin in aspiring pilot livery, a great potential discovered years after his death.

Race relations in America circa 2019 are, to put it mildly, fractious. If one listens to the Left, it’s all President Trump’s fault.  He’s a racist!  He’s a hater! He’s, he’s TRUMP!  Just look, he’s TRUMP!  Can’t you see that?!  He’s established a climate!  A climate of race and hate and TRUMP!

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The global warming risk premium….or not.

When the City of Los Angeles started adding fluoride to its water, we got lots of calls from people concerned that fluoride would cause all kinds of nasty health effects. One of the things I pointed out was that if it did, big cities that that were already fluoridating would be subject to higher insurance premiums on account of those nasty health effects.

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I got my Masters degree in Ecology in 1974. Barely 40 years ago, we were on the precipice of “The Ice Age Cometh”…Scientists were warning about a coming Ice Age. The cover of Science News, March 1, 1975, featured the headline THE ICE AGE COMETH? with a lurid drawing of NYC skyscrapers being swept away by glaciers. Somewhere along the line, the winds of climate research funding shifted, and global warming became the next new great fear of the future. But the phrase “global warming’ was just not adequate marketing, and what if those winds were to shift again back to cooling….? Aha, call it climate change and you cover both bases.

So whom to look to for objective evidence of the seriousness of climate change-global warming? I spent the last 25 years of my professional life in financial planning, which included an emphasis on risk management. The

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Trumping The Bible

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We find ourselves, gentle readers, in a rapidly heating cultural cold war, and one of the primary battlefields is the sacred versus the secular.  However, not the secular as it is traditionally understood–a sort of benign not-of-God declination to participate in faith.  We battle over faith, particularly Christianity, and the political faith of socialists and their intersectional allies.  Trump Derangement Syndrome is a primary contemporary socialist article of faith, as Fox news reports:

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Civilians, Police, and Active Shooters.

The Writer in Black

Looking through FaceBook “Memories” today, I saw one from last year  in the aftermath of the Stoneman Douglas school shooting.  Many people have been pointing out that places like Utah have had apparent success with allowing school staff and faculty who so choose, and who are licensed to carry concealed in the State of Utah, to do so at school.  None of the horror stories about what would happen if that were permitted. (Really?  A teacher upset at student misbehavior would draw a gun and start shooting?  A teacher would be so careless as to leave the gun where a student could get it?  Basically, teachers are stupid with poor impulse control?  If you’re serious about those arguments, then I need my kids out of those teachers’ hands right now–guns or no guns.)

Someone made the “counter argument” as follows:

“How would you like to be a black armed teacher…

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HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE: Should White Boys Still Be Allowed to Talk? Proper response: Fuck…

Blacks and other minorities refuse to see this kind of thing as racist, yet can pick up the tiniest motes of racism when attributed to whites.

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE: Should White Boys Still Be Allowed to Talk? Proper response: Fuck off, bigot. But this more nuanced response from the comments is good: “It’s not often that racist and sexist thoughts are married so well on the page, so kudos to the writer for creating this perfect storm of hate.

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Message Received

Message Fiction strikes again

Shoplifting in the Marketplace of Ideas

One of the greatest dividing lines in current Science Fiction is the debate over “Message Fiction”. It was an issue that began to rear its ugly head decades ago, long before it became the genesis of the Sad Puppies. But this isn’t yet another Sad Puppies post. I want to look at the topic of Message Fiction because I recently came across a particularly arch example.

Now, when it comes down to it, short of pure action-adventure stories, almost all science fiction has some kind of idea or message behind it – the “What if” that makes the fiction speculative. Exploring those possibilities is what drives the story. 1984 was a dystopia that asked the question “What would life be like if the UK became the ultimate expression of an authoritarian socialist state?” But to have a story, one needs a conflict. Thus, 1984 has Winston Smith, a cog in…

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