Drag Queens And Legos: Normalizing Abnormality

If I recall correctly, in Brave New World, two of the essential curricula for grade school age children were “erotic games” and desensitization to death.
Huxley probably did not intend his book as a how-to manual.

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Not terribly long ago, when Normal Americans would sound the alarm that the LGBTQWERTY “movement” was trying to recruit children, LGBTQWERTY “activists” would piously and angrily, cry such outlandish assertions were bigotry and hate!  Why, even trying to impute such evil motives to consenting adults who only want to be allowed to love those they please was absolutely un-American!  Riiiiight.

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More Good News on School Choice

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I’m pessimistic about the direction of public policy, especially on fiscal issues such as taxes and spending.

But there is a silver lining to this dark cloud of statism. We’re seeing continuing progress on school choice, most notably a big expansion of educational freedom in West Virginia.

It appears more and more state and local policy makers are reaching the inevitable conclusion that government schools operate for the benefit of teacher unions rather than students.

And this is motivating many legislators to push for school choice, especially since there’s more and more evidence that school choice improves educational outcomes.

For instance, the Wall Street Journalopined last week about a new victory in Indiana.

Ten years ago in these columns, we hailed Indiana for its leadership in establishing one of America’s most ambitious school voucher programs. On Thursday the Indiana Legislature built on that achievement by approving…

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Powerful Evidence for School Choice

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I expressed pessimism a few days ago about the possibility of replacing the corrupt internal revenue code with a flat tax. Either now or in the future.

But that’s an exception to my general feeling that we’re moving in the right direction on public policy. I’ve shared a list of reasons to be optimistic, even on issues such as  Obamacare and the Laffer Curve.

Education is another area where we should be hopeful. Simply stated, it’s increasingly difficult for defenders of the status quo to rationalize pouring more money into the failed government education monopoly. To paraphrase Winston Churchill, never has so much been spent so recklessly with such meager results.

That’s true regardless of whether Democrats are throwing good money after bad or whether Republicans are throwing good money after bad.

Fortunately, a growing number of people are realizing that the answer is markets and…

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If anyone looks at you askance when you say “I don’t believe a word I hear from the mainstream media”…

This video from Daily Caller is a stunning example of why people need to realise the mainstream media are not in the fact-reporting business: the first minute shows a Q&A session as the media reported it; the next two and a half minutes show exactly the same Q&A session – without their edits.

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George Floyd, Update 5: Trial, Week 1

I think I’m going to advise the people I supervise to defer any field work until a few days after the verdict is handed down in this case.

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How, gentle readers, can one tell when a criminal trial is a racist, political persecution?  How can one easily and quickly tell when the charges should never have been brought, but were because racist politics—politics wielded against non-blacks–demanded it?

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