“Reasonable Restrictions”

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There has been a lot of talk about “common sense” gun laws and “reasonable restrictions” on the 2nd Amendment.  I wrote the following to summarize my thoughts on that.

The full text of the 2nd Amendment of the US Constitution reads as follows:

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the People to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

To anyone but a lawyer or a political agenda, it’s pretty straightforward. However, very few, even among diehard arms rights supporters would claim that it’s truly unlimited: that literally everybody with a body temperature somewhere near 98.6 degrees Farenheight (say within about 20 degrees) must be permitted to own, possess, carry, and use any kind of weapon they can get their hands on. The controversy is generally over just what constitutes a “reasonable restriction” particularly since there is no allowance in…

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How “Common Sense” are Those Restrictions?

The Writer in Black

Every  year the Brady Campaign to steal our Freedom (okay, they call themselves the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, but I call them as I see them) comes up with a “scorecard” of how well various states conform to their proposed “common sense gun laws.”  The claim is that we need these “reasonable restrictions” in order to reduce crime and violence.

Well, some years ago I took the time to gather up the numbers on violent crime for the various States and their Brady Scores.  Plug them into a spreadsheet and chart the results:

Notice something here?  There’s no discernible trend of reduced violent crime with greater implementation of the Brady Campaign’s “wish list” either overall or for most of the individual violent crimes.  While I originally did this some years ago the overall results have not noticeably changed.

The Brady Campaign keeps talking about “common sense gun regulation.”…

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Women in combat and The Three Ps — peeing, periods, and pregnancy

Women in combat isn’t bad only because of physical stamina and unit cohesion issues. The Three Ps (peeing, periods, and pregnancy) also militate against it. Heather MacDonald, undoubtedly one of the most brilliant conservative writers and thinkers around, has written about the military’s decision, based upon Obama administration dictates, to water down physical standards to allow women to serve in combat units.

Source: Women in combat and The Three Ps — peeing, periods, and pregnancy

Big Bad John

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No, not the coal miner of song, but John Adams who is rapidly becoming one of my personal heroes as I learn more about him.

The public schools I attended did a great disservice in selling this man short.  All I learned there was that he was Vice President under George Washington, the second President after him, and the father of the sixth president, John Quincy Adams (and all I knew about him was that he was the son of the second president).  Some years later I learned that he was also the lawyer who defended the British officer and soldiers involved in the riot that became known as the Boston Massacre.

But he was involved in so much more.  He was a delegate to the Second Continental Congress, and one of the major voices in the call for Independence.  While the Declaration of Independence was written by Thomas Jefferson…

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“First They Came” a slightly updated blast from the past.

The Writer in Black

It’s been less than a year since I originally posted this on this blog, but it seems the idea is coming around again.

It’s always frustrating to me when I see a “gun rights supporter” buy into the “we just want reasonable gun control” lie.  I’ve dealt with part of that, the “nobody wants to take your guns” claim elsewhere.  The questions you need to ask somebody who claims that is “how much is reasonable?  Where is the line?  At what point do you turn around and say ‘no more’? How far does it have to go before you’d agree we need to roll back the restrictions?” And then, take any answer they give you with a grain of salt because, frankly, whenever they’ve gotten a “we just want this” restriction they merely used that as a springboard for more.

One of the tactics the anti-gun folk use to…

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Shooting of Criminal by Citizen not Reported by Police

People cite Justice Department statistics on defensive gun use to argue that guns in private hands are ineffective. It turns out there are some issues with the statistics, due to a number of biases in the reporting chain.

On 7 December, 2018, at about 7:45 p.m., the owner of the Alibaba’s convenience store in Syracuse, New York shot and wounded an armed robber. The robber ended up in the hospital. The story made the news . A local reporter for syracuse.com, Patrick Lohmann, investigated the story and wrote it up.

Source: Shooting of Criminal by Citizen not Reported by Police

[Eugene Volokh] “Free Speech Rules,” My New YouTube Video Series — Episode 1 (Speech in Schools) Now Out

Please share it widely — there will be at least nine more in the upcoming months. Thanks to a generous grant from the Stanton Foundation , and to the video production work of Meredith Bragg and Austin Bragg at Reason.tv, I’m putting together a series of short, graphical YouTube videos — 10 episodes to start with — explaining free speech law.

Source: [Eugene Volokh] “Free Speech Rules,” My New YouTube Video Series — Episode 1 (Speech in Schools) Now Out