Bill Maher Blasts Young Progressives: ‘The Problem Is That Your Ideas Are Stupid’

If you don’t give credit for the progress that’s been made, the people you’re counting on to advance and support progress will decide it’s not worth the effort.

And if you insist on dividing the country into tribes, sooner or later the largest tribe in the country will realize it can play that game too. And will probably be much better at it, even if only from having numbers on its side.

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By KYLE SMITH – April 26, 2021 – for National Review

On HBO’s Real Time with Bill Maher Friday night, Maher showed once again that he is the only late-night comic who is willing to say things his liberal audience probably doesn’t want to hear. In the course of lavishing praise on President Biden, whom he described as sharp, effective, and leading “the most transformative administration since FDR,” he blasted young people for being skeptical of Biden and also for being stupid in general:

My cmnt:Maher has been honest with his audience from time to time, not all the time or even much of the time, but from time to time. Everyone can plainly see that Joseph O’Biden is NOT at all ‘sharp, effective and leading’. His handlers may be but he is not. With control of both houses of Congress and the presidency the only thing stopping them…

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What was Watergate all about?

And that’s why Hugh Hewitt asks people about Alger Hiss.

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By Hugh Hewitt May 24, 2021 29.1k views – for Prager U

The most famous political scandal in American history is, of course, Watergate. It’s so famous that even now, 50 years after it happened, almost every scandal of any kind comes with an obligatory “gate” after it.

If you ask most people to explain what Watergate was all about, they draw a blank. If they know a bit of history, or perhaps they lived through it, they might say something like this: “It was about a bungled break-in that brought down a president.” That’s true. But the break-in is the least significant part of the story.

Watergate was, first and foremost, a political war between the president, Richard Nixon, and the media, which in those pre-cable days meant ABC, CBS, NBC, the New York Times, and the Washington Post. The media’s aim, in the words of British historian Paul…

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5 Arguments Against ‘America Is a Racist Country’

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Dennis Prager

Dennis Prager|Posted: Jul 14, 2020 12:01 AM for

The left-wing charge that America is a racist country is the greatest national libel since the Blood Libel against the Jews. America is, in fact, the least racist, multiracial, multiethnic country in world history.

Neither the claim that America is a racist society nor the claim that it is the least racist country can be empirically proven. Both are assessments. But honest people do need to provide arguments for their position. I have found every argument that America is racist, let alone “systemically” racist, wanting. For example, the police almost never kill unarmed blacks, and on the rare occasions they do (about 15 times a year), there is almost always a valid reason (as in the infamous 2014 case in Ferguson, Missouri); police kill more unarmed whites than blacks; the reason there are proportionately so many more blacks in prison…

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If America Is So Racist, Why Are There So Many Race Hoaxes?

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By Dennis Prager – July 20, 2020 – 7 min read – on

My cmnt:I have another post on this site about race hoaxes and hate crime laws. The Left in this country and the world does not really care about poverty, equality, the environment nor race. Yet they use these hot-bottom issues to stir up trouble and gain power. America, whom the Left hates with a burning hatred, has done more to ameliorate these human failings than any other country on earth – so naturally they want to destroy her. Both bogus and sad.

My cmnt:The three biggest racist, poverty stricken, oppressive, unequal and polluting countries on earth are China, Soviet Russia and India. Yet the Left has been in love with China since Mao, Russia since Lenin and India since The Beatles. Open your eyes you democrat voters who still love America, jobs, prosperity…

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OH, THEY’VE BEEN WINNING BY FRAUD FOR AT LEAST 12 YEARS, PROBABLY MORE: Election Fraud is an Issue that Will Not Go Away . But this time? This time it was so blatant, they’re fools to think they can hide the stinking corpse under the rag rug.


Capital Coverup 5: Who Are You?

The Administration’s plot to make the Russians look benign?

Stately McDaniel Manor

Who killed Ashli Babbitt?  We don’t know with certainty, but there is growing evidence focusing on one person.  Why isn’t that killer being prosecuted?  We don’t know with certainty, but the most likely reason is prosecuting him would badly damage, perhaps destroy, the insurrection narrative.  It would be hard, even for Democrats/Socialist/Communists to maintain that narrative if the “insurrectionist” were unarmed and killed no one, while a government agent murdered a woman that was no threat to anyone.

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I THINK I KNOW THE ANSWER: Are Activists Protecting Asians from Hate–Or Protecting Their Narrative …

I THINK I KNOW THE ANSWER: Are Activists Protecting Asians from Hate–Or Protecting Their Narrative of White Supremacy from Criticism?

Source: I THINK I KNOW THE ANSWER: Are Activists Protecting Asians from Hate–Or Protecting Their Narrative …

Asia Society, the global NGO dedicated to “forging closer ties between Asia and the West through arts, education, policy and business,” recently shared a video in which activist Manjusha P. Kulkarni spoke about anti-Asian attacks in the United States. Kulkarni, whose own group self-describes as a “national coalition addressing anti-Asian hate amid the COVID-19 pandemic,” emphasised that anti-black bigotry was causing people to falsely attribute these anti-Asian attacks to African American perpetrators:

And I will tell you that while we don’t collect ethnic specific data on perpetrators … we know that it is a very small minority that are African-American. And in fact, when we look at these broader types of discrimination, the ones that involve civil-rights violations, of course, we know that those are institutional actors, heads of businesses, et cetera, and that these are the folks who often, because of positions of power that they are in, are actually white.

The United States has witnessed some truly shocking anti-Asian attacks in recent months. On January 28th, 84-year-old Vicha Ratanapakdee was out for a walk in San Francisco when he was violently shoved to the ground. He never regained consciousness after the assault. On January 31, in Oakland, a 91-year-old Asian man was shoved from behind, unprovoked. The same assailant later pushed a 60-year-old man and a 55-year-old woman to the ground, resulting in the woman losing consciousness. In March, an Asian woman in Bronx was struck on the head with an umbrella by four teenage girls who accused her of spreading COVID-19. On March 21st, in Manhattan, a woman was on her way to an anti-Asian violence protest when a man tore up her sign, and hit her twice in the face. During the same month, also in Manhattan, an Asian woman was knocked to the ground and kicked when she was on her way to church—footage shows some security guards looking on and doing nothing. On April 23rd, a 61-year-old Asian man in New York was struck in the back and knocked down; the suspect then stomped on his head repeatedly. On May 2nd, two Asian women were walking on the sidewalk in New York when an individual demanded they remove their masks and then struck one of the women on the head with a hammer. On May 4th, 85-year-old Chui Fong Eng and another woman were stabbed in broad daylight in San Francisco while they waited for a bus; Eng was left with a blade in her torso, which had to be removed surgically. Also in May, a 36-year-old Asian man was pushing his baby in a stroller outside a San Francisco supermarket when he was attacked; footage shows that he was trying to block blows to the head and back as his stroller rolled away.

If you have been following the news about such anti-Asian attacks in the United States over the past few months, you may have noticed that certain narratives have become prominent. The first—promoted by CNNthe GuardianNPRBBCUSA Todaythe Cut, and NBC News, to name just a few representative examples—is that the attacks are related to COVID-19. And it is true that there has been a rise in hate crimes against Asian Americans during the pandemic. In some cases, the attackers have even made explicit mention of the “Chinese virus,” or accused the victim of bringing the disease to the United States. In most cases, however, it is difficult to prove that any given attack is related to the pandemic.

A second theme has been the idea that Donald Trump is to blame for anti-Asian hate. Examples here include “‘No question’ Trump’s racist rhetoric fuelled anti-Asian hate, says White House” (the Independent), “Trump’s ‘Chinese Virus’ Tweet Helped Fuel Anti-Asian Hate On Twitter, Study Finds” (Forbes), and “U.S. outrage over Donald Trump’s racist rhetoric took a new turn this week after shootings at spas near Atlanta” (ABC News).

It certainly wasn’t helpful for the then-US president to describe COVID-19 as “Chinese virus” and “Kung Flu,” especially when there are so many people who cannot seem to understand the distinction between the Chinese government and Asian Americans. There also seems to be a link between his expressions of bigotry and the appearance of copycat anti-Asian memes online. However, it was not until the beginning of 2021—nearly a year after the pandemic began, and a time when Trump was already out of office—when the surge in senseless attacks on Asian Americans began to be widely reported. The timing here is not consistent with the idea that Trump played a major role.

A third media narrative has been that anti-Asian violence is caused by white supremacy. At CNN, the headline was “White supremacy and hate are haunting Asian Americans.” At the State Press in Arizona, “Anti-Asian racism is a product of white supremacist norms that must be eliminated.” At the Conversation, “White supremacy is the root of all race-related violence in the US.”

Paradoxically, the backdrop to these articles is that in many cases—including every one of the examples I mentioned earlier in this essay—the suspects were found to be black. Explaining why black attacks on Asian victims is really the fault of white supremacy may seem difficult, but a surprisingly large number of writers and scholars have shown themselves eager to take up the challenge.


This brings us to the issue of crime statistics. Pandika bases her claims on a University of Michigan Virulent Hate Project study of news articles that describe incidents of anti-Asian racism. “In the 4,337 news articles that we reviewed, we identified 1,023 unique incidents of anti-Asian racism that occurred in the United States between January 1 and December 31, 2020,” the authors reported. And while “only a small fraction of news articles explicitly identified the race of the individuals who harassed or discriminated against Asian and Asian American people … in the few harassment incidents for which the news media explicitly stated the race of the offender, the majority of perpetrators of anti-Asian harassment were reported to be male and white.”

On page 14 of the study, we learn that the race of offenders was explicitly identified in only 57 anti-Asian harassment incidents. Of these 57 incidents, white individuals were reported as perpetrators in 44, Blacks in six, Hispanics in four, Chinese in three, Vietnamese in one. “The information that we have,” the authors conclude, “while limited and imperfect, does not support the common claim that Black hostility is driving the current epidemic of anti-Asian racism and violence.”

There are a few problems here, however. The first is that the data isn’t comprised of actual crime statistics, but just information gleaned from news articles. And even within those news article, only a tiny minority mention the perpetrator’s race. As the authors themselves note, “reporting practices might differ by the race of the perpetrator, and it is not clear how news outlets and individual reporters chose to navigate the complex issue of racial identification in its coverage of specific incidents discussed in the articles we reviewed.”


In regard to actual hate crimes, as that term is defined by the FBI, Voice of America has reported that “only two of the 20 people arrested last year in connection with [New York City anti-Asian hate crime] attacks were white, according to New York Police Department data analyzed by the Center for the Study of Hate and Extremism. Eleven were African Americans, six were white Hispanics and one was a Black Hispanic.” According to the reporter, Masood Farivar, “most police departments do not publish this kind of data, but anecdotal evidence suggests the pattern seen in New York has emerged in other cities, as well.”



Biden Falsely Claims “White Supremacist Terrorism” a Greater Threat Than ISIS and Al-Qaeda

Fortunately both Islamic and white supremacist terror are extremism rare in America, never accounting for more than 1% of all homicides in any given year except 2001.

Whether it’s white supremacists or Islamic extremists that are America’s biggest terror threat determines what timeline we’re looking at. Given that 9/11 resulted in more deaths than every white supremacist terror incident in the 21st century combined by a country mile, it cannot possibly be the case that white supremacist terror is a greater threat than Islamic terror overall.

But, with groups like ISIS decimated thanks to Donald Trump’s policies, it could easily be the case that white supremacist deaths exceeded Islamist deaths in a single recent year – and that’s what is happening here.

I’ve debunked previous versions of this argument years ago, and the latest iteration comes from a Homeland Security report that spawned headlines such as this one over at CNN: “White supremacists remain deadliest U.S. terror threat.” As one learns on the eighteenth page of the report however, this is based on a sample size of one year of data (from 2018-2019). “American domestic violence extremists, racially and ethnically motivated violent extremists – specifically white supremacist extremists will remain the most persistent and lethal threat to the homeland” reads the key passage of the report, nothing that from 2018-2019, white supremacists conducted half of all lethal attacks (eight total) among domestic violent extremists, resulting in 39 out of 48 deaths that year from domestic extremism. For reference, the 2016 ISIS-inspired Pulse Nightclub massacre alone killed 49 people, more than all white supremacists combined in 2018-2019.

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Who-d a-Thunk It? Mandated minimum wage increases have adverse effects and lead to lower compensation?

Some new research — “Evidence of The Unintended Labor Scheduling Implications of The Minimum Wages” — shows that every $1 an hour increase in government-mandated minimum wages (“political wage-setting”) leads to the following (mostly) adverse outcomes:

  • a 27% increase in the total number of workers scheduled to work each week

  • a 20.8% decrease in the average number of hours each employee worked per week

  • a 13.6% decrease in the total wage compensation of an average minimum wage worker

  • a 23% decrease in the percentage of employees working more than 20 hours per week (making them eligible for retirement benefits)

  • a 14.9% decrease in the percentage of employees working more than 30 hours per week (making them eligible for health care benefits)

  • a 33% increase in fluctuations in the number of hours worked per week

  • a 9.5% increase in fluctuations in the number of hours worked per day

  • a 9.8% increase in fluctuations of shift start times and

  • average net losses of at least $1,590 per year per employee, equivalent to 11.6% of workers’ total compensation (assuming that workers were able to use their reduced hours to work a second job — an assumption which may not hold true for many employees).

Source: Who-d a-Thunk It? Mandated minimum wage increases have adverse effects and lead to lower compensation?

Why the LGBTQ+ movement is so useful to the left

I have a theory why the left is pushing the whole LGBTQ+ thing with such fervor — and it definitely has to do with remaking society. In the past few years, the two most obsessive issues to emerge from the left have been the racism that they call “anti-racism” and the relentless focus on the LGBTQ+ agenda.


Why are Disney and Nickelodeon forcing the LGBTQ+ lifestyle on kids?

I know that the facile answer is that it’s just another socialist attack on America, but I’ve still been struggling to understand why it’s become so incredibly important. I’ve come up with a few answers:

  1. It’s more attractive and fun than BLM. BLM is about hatred, oppression, and destruction. The whole “pride” thing is about rainbows and music. It’s easier to sell to kids.
  2. It’s pleasantly hedonistic. The big sell of gay sex has always been that it’s theoretically consequence-free sex because there’s no pregnancy involved. All the pleasure, none of the issues with abortions, raising children, child maintenance costs, etc.
  3. It is the single issue that can entirely destroy Western culture because it’s a natural behavior.

Wait! What? Did you just go from bright colors and hedonism to the entire destruction of Western culture based on a natural behavior? Yes. Yes, I did.

You see, I got to thinking about Sodom and Gomorrah, and about why the Jewish Bible is so hostile to homosexuality, a hostility that infused Western culture for 2,000 years, ever since Jesus brought the Bible to the people who became known as Christians. Let me walk you through my thinking.

Western culture has tended to think of homosexuality as aberrant. However, the fact that so many young people today claim to be on the LGBTQ+ spectrum shows that humans can actually embrace it pretty readily. When it comes to sexual pleasure, the body isn’t that discriminating. For many people, if they close their eyes, all they know is that someone is making their bodies happy.

As I long ago figured out when growing up and working in the Bay Area, the gay lifestyle offered huge bennies: A two-income, high-earning couple; no children and no risk of children; and unlimited sexual relations (because monogamy was very rare among those two-income, high-earning couples). The downsides of sexually transmitted diseases, which were rife in the 1970s, seemed minimal in an antibiotic era. It was only AIDS that stopped the party. In other words, even coming out of the “patriarchal” 1950s and early 1960s, there were a lot of people who easily embraced the gay lifestyle.

And that got me thinking about the ancient world, the world from which the story of Sodom and Gomorrah emerged. Homosexuality was not aberrant at all in that world. It was pretty normative. As the Greeks showed, you had gay sex for pleasure and heterosexual sex for procreation. Many pagan societies had no issue at all with the LGBTQ+ spectrum. Indeed, the LGBTQ+ intelligentsia like to focus on the naturalness of homosexuality and transgenderism in the pagan world (and even in Islam) before the artificial constraints of Christianity and Wahabbism squashed it. And believe me, the kids are being taught this.

Source: Why the LGBTQ+ movement is so useful to the left

I have been looking through the Stith-Thompson index of folk motifs. Among the motifs covered are a multitude dealing with marriage, and a multitude dealing with jokes and humor. Nowhere is same-sex marriage ever mentioned. So even conceding the naturalness of same-sex sex, I suspect you’re going to have to look long and hard for any culture that actually countenanced marriage between two people of the same sex.

So the issue of same-sex sexuality is entirely hedonistic, and has nothing to do with marriage.