Socialism Is A Political Movement For People Whose Reasoning Never Advanced Beyond Childhood

From Advice Goddess:

The New York Times’ David Brooks outgrew socialism, he writes , a movement he was enamored with in his early 20s: The best version of socialism is defined by Michael Walzer’s phrase, “what touches all should be decided by all.” The great economic enterprises should be owned by all of us in common.

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Climate Change: How Lucky Do You Feel?

Ronald Bailey is becoming less skeptical about climate change as he accumulates more data.

“The age of climate panic is here,” declared David Wallace-Wells, author of The Uninhabitable Earth: Life After Warming (Tim Duggan Books), in a February 2019 New York Times op-ed. He’s certainly right about the panic. University of Cumbria Professor of Sustainability Leadership Jem Bendell predicts that man-made climate change will result in a “collapse in society” in about 10 years.

Source: Climate Change: How Lucky Do You Feel?

Tolerance and Intolerance: A Blast from the Past

The Writer in Black

Not one word needs to be changed.

So there’s this going around:

popper paradox

A popular interpretation of this is that it allows the use of force to shut down people who aren’t using force but simply engaging in speech that the person finds objectionable.  Some of the common expressions of this is “bash the fash” and “punch a Nazi”. In neither case do they actually mean folk rounding up minorities or other “undesireables” and sending them to concentration camps or engaging in any other actual violence or use of force.  No, they mean people who simply speak in ways they find objectionable–arguing in favor of policies they don’t like or voting for and speaking in favor of politicians to whom they object.

When you use force to shut down others speech, however repugnant you may find that speech to be, you aren’t resisting intolerance.  You are the intolerance that needs to…

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What Climate Science Tells Us About Temperature Trends

This article expands on claims about global temperature trends made in Ronald Bailey’s article in the January 2020 issue of Reason , ” Climate Change: How Lucky Do You Feel? ” for readers who are keen to dive deeper into the topic. (The print article is currently only available to subscribers.) I began my time on the climate change beat as a skeptic.

Source: What Climate Science Tells Us About Temperature Trends

The (Trans) War On Women, Circa 2019

I remember one time in eighth grade, the teacher decided to have a “boys vs. girls” spelling bee. It came down to one boy (me) against six girls. Back then, the girls didn’t have the option of identifying as boys to have a chance at being the winner of the contest.

Stately McDaniel Manor

I have often written about the contemporary trend of pandering to the demands of the smallest, most mentally ill factions among us. 

I speak of doing whatever various Trans this or thats, and their leftist supporters, demand: men in girl’s/women’s bathrooms, and men dominating women’s sports.  The lunacy continues as sport sanctioning organizations, particularly in leftist states, willingly participate in the destruction of women’s sports.  I haven’t written about this for awhile (most recently here, here and here), but Dani Shugart, at,has a useful summary.

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A recent WaPo piece exposes the rot behind the impeachment press

When it comes to Trump and Impeachment, with apologies to Mary McCarthy, every word the Washington Post writes is a lie, including “and” and “the.” I. Introduction As a lawyer, when I receive a brief that argues to the judge that my client is lying about facts central to the matter at issue, I expect the brief to contain quotations from my client’s alleged lies, along with hard evidence proving that my client’s statements were, in fact, lies.

Source: A recent WaPo piece exposes the rot behind the impeachment press

Rights and Government, Take Two. — The Writer in Black

When I wrote about how Rights have to exist independently of any particular government in order to exist at all, I thought that with only a little explanation it would be obvious. That the “government grants rights” concept was something that people believe mainly because they just haven’t thought through the consequences of that position. […]

Rights and Government, Take Two. — The Writer in Black

If the only rights you have are those granted by government than no government can ever be said to violate “human rights.” The rights, after all, are what the government says they are, neither more nor less. 

School Attacks 2019, #6: Saving Lives?

“The Purdue study credits those that support “run and hide” drills, and other security measures previously mentioned in this series, but notes that their methods do not assess actual data from past attacks, nor do they serve to stop attackers.”

Run / Hide / Fight is taught to Los Angeles city workers. It would be nice if there were supporting data.

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One More Question:

In researching this updated series, I ran across a number of naysayers whose arguments went more or less like this:

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