The Culture War Against Kyle Rittenhouse

The media’s coverage of the Rittenhouse shootings has been disgracefully biased and dishonest.

… The more the trial has dug into the events of that fateful day of 25 August 2020, when a 17-year-old Rittenhouse fatally shot two men and injured another, the more we have seen just how cynical, partisan and outright deceptive so much of the media coverage of this tragic affair has been. There’s no doubting it: the media are guilty of pursuing a culture war against Mr Rittenhouse and against what he is seen to represent – problematic white men.

Growing numbers of people, even some people on what passes for the left today, are watching the Rittenhouse trial and saying to themselves: ‘I didn’t know these facts…’ A writer for the Chicago Sun-Times sums up this startled mood. Despite being someone who has ‘made no secret of his predisposition against Rittenhouse and those of his ilk who would hold him up as some sort of hero’, the writer now thinks, having watched the trial, having witnessed the marshalling of information that much of the media studiously ignored or downplayed over the past 15 months, that it would be ‘shocking if [Rittenhouse] is convicted of anything more than a weapons charge’. Or as one tweeter more pithily summed it up, after learning via the trial that Rittenhouse has many relatives in Kenosha and did not just travel there for fun or to kill people, ‘Was this reported ANYWHERE before the trial?’.

….The trial has made it clear that many of the other claims made by the woke set about the Kenosha shootings were hollow, too. The depiction of Rittenhouse as a marauding gunman, a state-lines-crossing bloodthirsty killer, has not stacked up in the slightest. As even Reuters reports, in its seemingly startled breakdown of what we now know about the events of 25 August 2020, Rittenhouse started the day cleaning graffiti off a school that the mob had defaced. He then joined other armed men to guard the used-car dealership. Later he found himself being chased by Joseph Rosenbaum into a used-car lot. Rittenhouse cried ‘Friendly, friendly, friendly!’, and yet Rosenbaum threw a bag at Rittenhouse and seemingly reached for Rittenhouse’s gun. Rittenhouse pulled the trigger and Rosenbaum was killed. Rittenhouse was then chased by a ‘growing crowd’, some of whom were yelling ‘Get him!’. He fell to the ground and was hit by a man wielding a skateboard. Rittenhouse fired at that man – Anthony Huber – and killed him. A man holding a handgun – Caige Grosskreutz – was part of the ‘growing crowd’ advancing towards Rittenhouse. Rittenhouse shot him and injured him. At 1.30am, Rittenhouse, accompanied by his mother, turned himself in to the police in his hometown of Antioch.


Source: The Culture War Against Kyle Rittenhouse