Government Failures Cause Kyles- A Guest Post by Francis Turner

The great and the “good” in the US and around the world have been complaining about white supremacy getting a pass thanks to the acquittal of Kyle Rittenhouse on charges of homicide and so on. As anyone who paid even the slightest attention to the events of August 2020 or the recent trial would know, there is no evidence whatsoever that Rittenhouse was a white supremacist or anything other than an young man with a praiseworthy sense of duty and responsibility.


The Government Created Kyle – First Strike

….That is the first way the government created Kyle. If the relevant local government had acted in any kind of way to prevent the riots or provided sufficient personnel to counter the rioters, Kyle would not have felt the need to patrol the streets of Kenosha to protect property from rioters, arsonists and looters. Instead the governor and others made statements that demoralized the police and encouraged the protestors.

If lefties don’t want people like Kyle to patrol the streets of their local towns with weapons to protect themselves and fire extinguishers to put out the fires of arsonists (and in the case of Kyle put out a fire that could otherwise have caused a very large number of casualties) then they should protect the local businesses so that they don’t feel compelled to request protection from militia volunteers.


The Government Created Kyle – Second Strike

….That is the second way the government created Kyle. If governments across had acted to stop riots earlier in the year it is highly likely that any Kenosha protests would have been a lot less damaging and thus there would have been no need to for him to patrol.


The Government Created Kyle – Third Strike

….That is the third way the government created Kyle, by not properly punishing repeat criminals who therefore felt free to continue their lives of crime and to take part in a riot.

The Government Created Kyle – Fourth Strike

The fourth way the government created Kyle was in the social services and educational systems that failed in the cases of Blake and all of the people Kyle shot at.

Rosenbaum was apparently abused himself as a child. I’m not entirely clear if this was after he was put in the foster care system or before (or both) but his experience in that system does not appear to have been a positive one. That doesn’t excuse his own abuse of minors but it may be a partial explanation.


This is the fifth reason why Government is to blame. The Government has put much of the competition for education and childcare out of business through a combination of regulations and taxes. And has, in place of them, provided an inferior product that doesn’t serve the inmates assigned to it or society at large.

So lovers of government, if you don’t want anymore Rittenhouses patrolling the streets maybe you get the government to do its job right and not fail.

Source: Government Failures Cause Kyles- A Guest Post by Francis Turner