The Lies About Rittenhouse Are Not Innocent Mistakes

Corporate media outlets are not fanning the flames of racial division for ratings or relevance. The goal is revolution, the rewriting of our Constitution and the dismantling of Western civilization.

“Rittenhouse crossed state lines!”

That rallying cry was no accident. That’s a talking point handed to the useful idiots working inside corporate media. It’s propaganda. So was presidential candidate Joe Biden’s insinuation that Rittenhouse is a white supremacist.

Corporate media’s fixation on defining every human encounter in racial terms is a tactic, not a virtue-signal born of white guilt. It’s a strategy that characterizes America’s 400-year narrative arc as racial conflict rather than a moral, societal evolution.


“Well, if Rittenhouse was black, the police would have shot him on sight, and the jury would have convicted him of murder.”

Breonna Taylor’s boyfriend, Kenneth Walker, fired the first shot, striking a Louisville police officer. Walker was never charged with shooting a cop. He’s viewed as a victim and a hero. On the same day Rittenhouse was acquitted, Andrew Coffee was acquitted of murder and attempted murder charges surrounding his shootout with police in Florida. Coffee is black. He’s a felon. He illegally possessed a firearm.

These lies aren’t being told for ratings and relevance. They’re not told out of guilt. The lies camouflage the agenda. They create the illusion that revolutionaries are really just well-intentioned anti-racists. Anyone who objects is a racist or supports white supremacy.

Source: The Lies About Rittenhouse Are Not Innocent Mistakes