The law according to ADA Binger

(1) If you carry a gun you have no right to self-defense against an unarmed man, even if that person is trying to grab your gun. You have to take your chances that he won’t successfully grab it and use it to kill you.

(2) A bigger gun always beats a smaller gun, and so if someone points a gun at your head that’s smaller than your gun, you have no right to shoot in self-defense.

(3) The best thing to do in a gunfight is to put your weapon on the ground and put your hands up to show how friendly you are.

(4) Rioting mobs are heroic.

(5) Guns are useless as defensive weapons for the aforementioned reasons, but probably the best use of a gun is to point it at the jury with your finger on the trigger. That way they know from personal experience how very scary guns are.

(6) Lie about anything and everything. That way you can hope there are some jurors (or many jurors, or all jurors) who forget what the judge stated as the law, or who already hate the defendant and are just looking for any excuse, however flimsy, to find him guilty.

Source: The law according to ADA Binger