The Off-Guardian’s COVID Crib Sheet Presents the Facts

Lord Buckbeak

By Larry Johnson
Published September 26, 2021 at 8:15am – for

TheOff-Guardian, a UK website, has published a wonderfully informed, detailed list of key facts you should understand about COVID. I am going to give you the reader’s digest version, buthere is the linkto read the whole thing. Please do.


1. The survival rate of “Covid” is over 99%.Government medical experts went out of their way to underline, from the beginning of the pandemic, thatthe vast majority of the population are not in any danger from Covid. . . .

2. There has been NO unusual excess mortality.The press has called 2020 the UK’s “deadliest year since world war two”, but this is misleading because it ignores the massive increase in the population since that time. A more reasonable statistical measure of mortality is Age-Standardised…

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