Horse Shit

The first comment wandered into whether the kind of oats fed to horses would ever be edible for humans.

G: Welll, I’ve seen the kind of oats that you give a horse…not even close

Karl Lembke: So?

G: The meme is cute but silly.

Karl Lembke: There’s also this one…<…/democrats-refuse-to-drink…>

BABYLONBEE.COM Democrats Refuse To Drink Water As It’s Also Prescribed To Horses

Karl Lembke: The point is, Ivermectin is prescribed for humans, and calling it “horse medicine” is also “cute but silly”.

P: GG: they make all kinds of horse oats. Flat oats rolled oats whole oats and then you got the four-way oats. So yes they have that kind of oats for horses.

G: Ivermectin is definitely prescribed for humans. Head lice and roundworms as I recall.