Prepping for the Worst

I don’t mean to alarm anyone, and I’m not panicked. I’m just concerned, and thinking the unthinkable.

The loss of institutions is something I’ve written about regularly, including in our 2017 Anniversary post. So much of our political, educational, media, and corporate commanding heights are run by ideologues devoted to deconstructing and dismantling a society they view as irredemably flawed.

The military senior leadership worshipping at the altar of wokeness is a huge canary in the coal mine. Look at the military lockdowns in Australia. I’m not saying it’s going to or likely to happen here, but I’m also not saying anymore that it can’t happen here.

The pandemic made clear we live on a thin line that can be disrupted. It’s not unthinkable that our key systems — the electric grid, natural gas supply, gasoline — could fail or be taken down by hacking.

Add to it a federal government bent on weakening the nation as a matter of ideology, and the once-unthinkable is thinkable.

So all in all, I no longer view “preppers” as crazy. Maybe they were right, just early. Better early than late.

I don’t plan to be late.

I’m not going off the grid, but a back up plan is not a bad idea. Why do you think so many people are buying acreage in flyover country?

I have so little faith in the people running this country at various levels that stocking up on long shelf-life food and other prepper-lite protections seems to me, for the first time in my adult life, to be one of the least crazy ideas.

Source: Prepping for the Worst