Ugly “Benevolent Racism” From The “Woke”

“Benevolent racism” is my term for the ugly, infantilizing, and ultimately highly racist directives from “Woke”-ville to treat people who are black as if they are incompetent and fragile children. Glenn Loury has an absolutely stellar piece on this at Free Black Thought. An excerpt:

In The Power of the Powerless, the Czech politician and playwright Vaclav Havel invites us to empathize with those “living within the lie” during the time of Soviet hegemony in Eastern Europe. Envision the dilemma of a simple man, a grocer who every morning puts a sign in the window next to his tomatoes and his lettuce that says “Workers of the World Unite.” Havel asks, why does this grocer do this when everyone knows it’s a fraud? “Workers unite?” The party lies constantly. Everyone knows that the official ideology of the state is completely bankrupt, and yet this goes on for decades: people reproducing and reinforcing this idea, this lie, out of a desire merely to be left alone. So, we should ask ourselves, how many “Black Lives Matter” signs in shop windows reflect the same instinct as Havel’s grocer? That’s not anti-racism, genuine human empathy, or authentic concern for your fellow citizen, for your brother or sister. That’s living within the lie.

Source: Ugly “Benevolent Racism” From The “Woke”