What was Watergate all about?

And that’s why Hugh Hewitt asks people about Alger Hiss.

Lord Buckbeak

By Hugh Hewitt May 24, 2021 29.1k views – for Prager U

The most famous political scandal in American history is, of course, Watergate. It’s so famous that even now, 50 years after it happened, almost every scandal of any kind comes with an obligatory “gate” after it.

If you ask most people to explain what Watergate was all about, they draw a blank. If they know a bit of history, or perhaps they lived through it, they might say something like this: “It was about a bungled break-in that brought down a president.” That’s true. But the break-in is the least significant part of the story.

Watergate was, first and foremost, a political war between the president, Richard Nixon, and the media, which in those pre-cable days meant ABC, CBS, NBC, the New York Times, and the Washington Post. The media’s aim, in the words of British historian Paul…

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