Harvard University and the Roots of Critical Race Theory

“Tracing the history of critical race theory reveals just how intimately connected it is with America’s most prestigious university.” The post first appeared on Le·gal In·sur·rec·tion .

We cover Critical Race Theory as it appears in schools today, but don’t often focus on the history behind it.

Kenny Xu of The Federalist writes about the beginnings of it all at Harvard.

Source: Harvard University and the Roots of Critical Race Theory

According to Furman University Professor of Education Dr. Michael Jennings, critical race theory “came directly out of law at Harvard, which Bell was a major part of.” In 1973, Bell authored a textbook entitled “Race, Racism, and American Law,” in which he contended the American legal system was implicitly racist and must be deconstructed to bring about racial equity. He used the textbook in his law classes, teaching race essentialism and an inchoate critical race theory to his Harvard law students for decades.