The left’s ‘white supremacist’ lie

Timothy Furnish:

In 2019 I wrote in these very pages about the lie that “white supremacist terrorism” is the greatest threat to Americans. Back in those pre-plague days, it was mostly the media spreading this myth. But now, it’s the President of the United States. Last week Biden, in his de facto State of the Union speech, claimed that “white supremacists” are “the most lethal terrorist threat to the US.” In fact, Islam’s jihadists pale in comparison. And Biden even adduced the federal intelligence agencies to support this contention.

The problem: it’s not even remotely true.

First, the global picture. The US State Department has published, for decades, a list of foreign terrorist organizations. As of today it has 72 groups. Fifty-six of those, or 78%, are Islamic ones. It also includes two new ISIS affiliates (Democratic Republic of the Congo and Mozambique). These were recently added by the Biden Administration. Of the remaining 16, seven are nationalist-separatist. Seven are Marxist. One is Jewish. One is eclectically apocalyptic (Aum Shinrikyo). None is “white supremacist.”

(This is defined by the Department of Homeland Security. It includes “individuals who seek…through unlawful acts of force or violence, to support their belief in the intellectual and moral superiority of the white race over other races.” And the Democrats and media constantly conflate “white” with “right-wing.”)

Other country’s lists are similarly chock-full of Muslim organizations. The United Arab Emirates’ terrorist manifest contains 86 groups, 85 of which are Islamic. (That must make the UAE’s Muslim rulers Islamophobic, I suppose.) The UK proscribes 55 terrorist groups, 47 of which (85%) are Muslim. All the entities which Communist China deems terrorist are Islamic (“East Turkestani”) ones. And so it goes. And anyone who thinks “foreign” terrorism can’t hit America has been asleep, or hiding in his basement, far too long.

No “White Supremacists” on Domestic Terrorist Lists

Then there’s the FBI’s “Most Wanted Terrorists” directory. Ninety-two percent of folks there (23/25) are Muslim. The two exceptions? A white vegan/animal rights extremist, and a black female cop-killer. The Bureau also puts up a “Domestic Terrorism” subpage. As you might guess, none of the perps is wearing a MAGA hat or a Heil Hydra QAnon shirt. Four of them are black — three men, one woman. One of the former is Muslim, and all the males hijacked planes way back when Three Dog Night was big.

The black female helped rob a Brinks truck, killing some cops, then fled to Cuba. Another four are white women. But none are Baptist home schooling moms. Two are Communists, one an Animal Liberation Front fanatic, and one — I kid you not — a Black Panther. All engaged in violence of some sort. Three of these wanted domestic terrorists are Hispanics: one a Puerto Rican separatist and bomb-maker, the other two plane hijackers.

Yes, there is ONE white male herein. But he’s a Leftist who helped bomb the University of Wisconsin years ago. So it’s doubtful he’s pining for another Trump term.

There is more.

This appears to explain the lack of “white supremacist” crime.  I Think Biden and the Democrats would like to classify Trump supporters regardless of race as “white supremacist.”  That is why they are eager to call black criminals attacking Asians as “white supremacists.”  It has become an all-purpose insult of people they do not like having nothing whatsoever to do with white supremacists.

Source: The left’s ‘white supremacist’ lie