Here’s a 97-item “Privilege Checklist” courtesy of the YWCA that is 100% real.

In case you’re wondering, this is not parody (check the name of the website you’re on). This is a real thing that grown adults did as a serious exercise for other grown adults to fill out.


Anyway, we’ll start with a few of the biggies that we’ve all seen before:

  • I am white.
  • I am a man.
  • I am heterosexual.

Those are spread out on the list, but everyone knows that those are the big three, the “gold-silver-bronze” of privilege. If you’ve got all three, you’ve got it made.

I have an “adopted nephew” who is currently in jail. Again. He has the privilege trifecta, so presumably he could just walk out if he wanted to. And I’m sure he’s not the only person in jail with the same set of privilege.


Look, I was alive back when flying was a bit of a luxury, but you can fly places for less than a hundred bucks now, so unless CVS reward points and cable TV is on this list—

  • I’ve always had cable/internet.

This could also be an “age” indicator. I have not “always” had cable or internet. Cable just wasn’t a thing when I was young, and internet wasn’t even invented when I was young.

Source: Not the Bee