Jim Crow Is Not on the Georgia Ballot

Here are the actual proposals being cast as ‘voter suppression.’

One plan would do away with signature matching, so election workers aren’t squinting at loops and handwriting slants to verify absentee ballots. Instead, mail ballots and applications would have a field for voters to write their state ID numbers. Georgians who vote in person are already asked for identification, and the state offers free IDs.

Other ideas are a non-nefarious grab bag. The House bill would set an earlier deadline for requesting a mail ballot: Applications would be due 11 days before the election, instead of four. This is moving in the right direction, but the U.S. Postal Service says 15 days should be allotted, so voters receive their blank ballots with enough time to mail back their completed ones.

The House would set permanent rules for ballot drop boxes. Counties would be capped at one box for every 100,000 active voters. Box placement would be limited to county offices or early voting sites, and they’d be operational only during regular voting hours. The boxes would need “constant surveillance” by election staff or security. Ballots would have to be collected daily by two workers, to prevent anyone from being left alone with a pile of votes.

Source: Jim Crow Is Not on the Georgia Ballot