BLM and the limits of propaganda

Conor Friedersdorf of The Atlantic is worried that liberals are pushing the Black Lives Matter movement too hard in school.

In a piece titled, “What Happens When a Slogan Becomes the Curriculum,” he warned readers of the indoctrination of kindergarteners by BLM.


Which is why Friedersdorf wrote, “In all such campaigns, a distinction can be drawn between the galvanizing slogan, which by design is popular and difficult to oppose, and the ideological and policy goals of the people promoting it. In other words, people might believe deeply that Black lives matter while disagreeing with Black Lives Matter organizers about specific claims. But for the BLM at School movement, agreeing with the broad slogan implies a particular approach to anti-racist activism—one that draws on academic approaches such as critical race theory and intersectionality; rejects individualism and aspirational color-blindness; and acts in solidarity with projects including decoloniality, anti-capitalism, and queer liberation.”

Source: BLM and the limits of propaganda