Thank God for Columbus

Do you know what the Americas were like before the Europeans arrived?

At the time Columbus discovered the New World , the great difference between the main Mexica god and the European God was that the European God would kill you for not being good, and the Mexica god would kill you for not being bad.

Even when we had mischievous gods, we were better than the Mexica, the most dominant tribe of the Aztecs.  Going all the way back to the Romans, God might throw an army under the bus because a general broke his word, and the Jews, the Muslims, and the Christians all believed that God is better than us — which is why He warred with us constantly.  Huitzilopochtli, the main god of the Mexica, had no such benevolence to fall back upon.  You fed him, or he would wipe you out.  And the way that you fed him (and other lesser deities) was by flaying people, or burning them alive, or cutting out their hearts.  Sometimes two of the three.  I’m told that some priests even took the human skin and wore it, like Leatherface in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

Source: Thank God for Columbus