Guarding DC: It Still Won’t Work

When I think of Q, I think of the obnoxious character on Star Trek…

Q portrait.jpg


…or the slightly more amiable supplier of gadgets and weaponry to James Bond.

Desmond Llewelyn 01.jpg

Stately McDaniel Manor

March 4, 2021—cue ominous music—THE Q-ANON INSURRECTION!!!  A variety of congress critters, including at least one Texas Republican—cue ominous music—solemnly intones they had intelligence—intelligence I tell you!—Q-Anon was going to insurrect the capital with tools of insurrection to do insurrection stuff!  Joe Scarborough on MSDNC solemnly intoned—cue ominous music—Trump terrorists were going to attack the capital!  Congress critters, mimicking brave, brave Sir Robin, bravely ran away:

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