Media covers up left wing violence

Is it fair to trace Antifa all the way back to a group with the same name in 1932? Maybe. I’d like to see the documentation. But in an environment where a stage that looks like a Norse rune adopted by the Nazis is taken as proof positive of Nazi roots, I’m a little less concerned about fairness.

Janet Levy:

The mainstream media — silent on the Marxist ideology, violence, and militancy of groups like Antifa and Black Lives Matter (BLM) — deceptively reported that the protests they inflicted on over 200 U.S. cities in 2020 were mostly peaceful.” It deceitfully transformed the mayhem into a summer of love.” Widespread rioting, looting, arson, murder, assaults, and destruction of property and businesses went unreported. Such abject failure explains why polls consistently rank the media among Americas least trusted institutions.

Given media complicity with radical groups, its not surprising that the Los Angeles Times dismissed Andy NgoUnmasked: Inside Antifas Radical Plan to Destroy Democracy as unserious, supremely dishonest,” and self-serving.” While video-recording left-wing protests as part of his independent reporting in 2019, Ngo was assaulted and hit with a milkshake containing quick-dry cement. But the Times dismissed his allegation of a brain injury from that attack. It says hes fixated on the imaginary threat of Antifa” and ignores the real danger” from far-right extremists.

Ngos book is a riveting exposé of the background, structure and workings of the collectivist militant group, set on destroying capitalism and Americas history, culture, and institutions. He presents an accurate, well-researched picture of this insurrectionist movement, its widespread network and its hostility to the rule of law and democracy.

Antifa origins trace back to 1932: it began as Antifascist Action, a paramilitary faction of the German Communist Party. It emerged in America in the 1980s as a marginal group, remaining so through the 1990s and 2000s. About five years ago, it surfaced in earnest, and now counts students, academics, journalists, lawyers, and politicians among its members and supporters. They use sophisticated methods of propaganda, outreach, recruitment, fundraising, and reconnaissance. They strategize violent protests with full security.

Source: Media covers up left wing violence