What Really Happened at CPAC

What has been reported about CPAC isn’t true. I was there.

No, conference goers didn’t gather to spread conspiracy theories.  No, they didn’t bow down to a golden statue of Trump.  And no, the stage wasn’t designed to pay homage to Nazi symbology.

Fascism, a form of big government, is hated among conservatives.

Outsiders in the mainstream media really piled on the hate.

“There will be no policy debates,” claimed an MSNBC opinion columnist.  That’s false.


On that subject, speakers varied on the pervasiveness of fraud in the last election — and the solutions to address it.  There was at least some level of fraud in the last election.  Even the mainstream media have had to change their tune from “no fraud” to “not enough fraud to change the election outcome.”  At least, the honest outlets have done so.

The question worth asking is and was, “What can be done to ensure to minimize election fraud in future elections?”  Whatever the critics may say about this exercise, they want the same thing if they care at all about the institutions of our democracy.

In another blatant untruth, critics reported that the goal of CPAC-led election integrity discussions was “voter restriction.”  Here again, the critics are insultingly dishonest to their news-consumers.  Every CPAC speaker reiterated a desire for all eligible votes cast to be counted.  Preventing fraudulent votes from being cast and counted does not equate to a restriction of voters — in fact, to the contrary, fraud does.

Source: What Really Happened at CPAC