Democrats continue to fail in separating Trump from his base

For more than five years, every attempt to take Trump down involved trying to sever him from his base.  Democrats think the bond is emotional, missing that conservatives do not choose their leaders based on emotion.  They choose the people they will support based on facts and reason:

1. The Mueller investigation focused on Russia because Democrats think Trump-supporters still have a Cold War mentality and assumed they would abandon him if he had been connected to Russians.  Supporters saw that the facts did not support that he was a Russian sympathizer.

2. The Access Hollywood “Grab them…” tape was an effort to link Mr. Trump to behavior that Christians would hate.  They forget that Christians are noted for forgiving past indiscretions when a person has shown a change in behavior.

3. The Ukrainian impeachment was appealing to conservatives’ opposition to seeing justice manipulated for personal gain, but conservatives saw that Trump did not manipulate justice and that it was a specific Democrat who gained personally.

4. The emoluments clause attack was an attack on Trump’s allegedly unfair business and earning abilities because Democrats thought that would appeal to conservatives’ sense of fairness in business.  Conservative knew, however, that Trump’s businesses had been damaged because he was president.

5. The Charlottesville attack was intended to accuse Trump of being a racist to tar his supporters as racists.  Conservatives know they are not racist, whether systemically or by privilege.

6. Not accepting the outcome of an election was to appeal to conservatives’ support for legal processes, but the evidence quickly began to accumulate that maybe there was a problem with the process.

7. Democrats used a pandemic to make Trump look unscientific and dangerous.  Conservatives, however, examined the sometimes contradictory information that was coming out and couldn’t fault Trump.

8. The Democrats tried to sever conservatives’ support for the police by provoking in them the fear that they are living in a police state.  Conservatives noted that local leaders were supporting the rioters and pushing back against federal intervention — and that Trump was content to avoid turning the federal government into a police state.

9. The latest effort is to make Trump into an insurrectionist, something a conservative would never be.  Trump-supporters, though, know that Trump never urged violence against the government and that he offered National Guard troops whom the mayor and congressional leaders did not want.  A person does not lead an insurrection by bringing in forces to fight an insurrection.

Source: Democrats continue to fail in separating Trump from his base

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