Capital Lessons–UPDATED X2

Stately McDaniel Manor

As I’m sure you know by now, gentle readers, protests in Washington, DC have turned “mostly peaceful.”  As I’m sure you also know, the media is absolutely untrustworthy.  The narrative, as this is written, is “Trump supporters” went wild.  Of the photos I’ve seen, most of the individuals being so labeled are dressed in the traditional black of BLM and Antifa, appear to be anarchists, or are other assorted idiots—such as a guy in a horned helmet, apparently an escapee from a 4th rate Wagnerian opera company–looking for attention.  What I suspect we’ll discover in the days to come is more or less that.  What I’m not seeing, in the video and photos thus far, is the kind of wanton destruction and mayhem that is the trademark of the paramilitary wing of the D/S/C Party.

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