How little we know about what actually happened on January 6

And not just the larger picture, but some very basic facts. Now, perhaps they’ve been established and I’ve missed them. I certainly don’t read everything that’s written, and there’s been a sea of verbiage on this. But most of it has been of the opinion and assumption variety.

There’s also the very basic and ubiquitous question of whose reporting is trustworthy.

I have the following questions:

(1) How large was the crowd outside the Capitol?
(2) How large was the crowd inside the Capitol?
(3) How many people were actually doing anything violent?
(4) What did the violence consist of?
(5) How many were armed, and with what?
(6) How many have been arrested for violations greater than trespassing, and what were those violations?
(7) Of those arrested, what were their politics, and their motives and goals once inside?
(8) How many (or what percentage) of the people who got into the Capitol were let in by the guards, and how many forced their way in?
(9) Given that it was known that various groups were talking online in ways that indicated some sort of violence or incursion might occur, and given the enormous size of the rally and the fact that there were bound to be a least a small number of opportunistic fringe groups from both right and left in attendance and looking for trouble, why was there not more security ordered in the first place?

Source: How little we know about what actually happened on January 6