Resist the Hysteria and Tyranny

In my latest column for AIER, inspired by Henry Manne, I call for peaceful resistance to the misinformation being spread about Covid-19, and to the tyranny being unleashed in the name of ‘protecting’ us.

In late 1973 and early 1974 Henry decried the biased and uninformed reporting on the fuel shortages that then plagued America, and he called on people to resist the demands for the strict government controls that were then said by many in elite circles to be necessary to best deal with these shortages.

Today’s Covid-19 pandemic isn’t identical to the 1970s’ fuel shortages, but the two crises share with each other many parallels. In both, media reporting consistently missed important points and, in doing so, fueled (!) unwarranted panic. Worse-case scenarios were presented as likely outcomes. Elite opinion very quickly settled on the conclusion that key human liberties must be sacrificed indefinitely to government ‘leaders’ wielding discretionary powers in order to deal with an almost-existential scourge. Talk of society being at war against an insidious enemy was widespread. Unfathomably complex arrangements of human engagement were treated as if they are as simple as Lego structures that children build, can disassemble, and can easily rebuild. And evil-doers were said to be afoot whose misbehaviors – from negligence to intentional malfeasance – were making a bad situation worse. These evil-doers, thus, were accused of being threats to innocent other people.

Source: Resist the Hysteria and Tyranny

So if your social security number ends in an odd number, you can only get sick on odd numbered days of the month?