Moving homeless encampments

Here are two of the most interesting ideas I’ve heard in a long time, both from an anonymous economics professor at the University of Texas-Austin via George Mason economist Bryan Caplan at EconLog:

1. Moving homeless encampments from low-income areas in cities like Austin to college campuses like UT-Austin, see “Homeless Camping in Austin: A Modest Proposal.” Here’s an excerpt:

The political, social, and academic elite of Austin is the primary relevant constituency for permitting homeless camping, and they receive the most unambiguous benefits of the policy through smug self-satisfaction while bearing none of the costs. True, these total benefits are dwarfed by the costs to those living in lower income areas, but the relative political power of the two groups leads to the policy being enacted despite the costs outweighing the benefits.

Source: Two of the best ideas I’ve heard in a long time and a ‘money quote’

And chances are, college campuses are much nicer than whatever location the homeless encampments currently occupy.