Trump accomplishments list has a comprehensive list of accomplishments that is much too long for a blog post but well worth your time as a reminder of the significant good things the President was responsible for.  The willful blindness of the Democrats and their media cohorts should not be allowed to hide these accomplishments.

Major headings:

Unprecedented Economic Boom

Tax Relief for the Middle Class

Massive Deregulation

Fair and Reciprocal Trade

American Energy Independence

Investing in America’s Workers and Families

Great Healthcare for Americans

Remaking the Federal Judiciary

Achieving a Secure Border

Restoring American Leadership Abroad

Colossal Rebuilding of the Military

Serving and Protecting Our Veterans

Making Communities Safer

Cherishing Life and Religious Liberty

Safeguarding the Environment

Expanding Educational Opportunity

Combatting the Opioid Crisis

It’ll be interesting to see how long this link is good.

Source: Trump accomplishments list