Timeline does not support allegations against Trump of stirring violence

The Lid:

Did Trump incite violence?  Raheem Kassam of The National Pulse argues that Trump could not POSSIBLY have incited violence on January 6. The timeline doesn’t fit. Per Kassam, there’s a very simple and obvious reason Trump could not have incited the violence, one that has nothing to do with what he has said, and everything to do with where and when he said it.

The connection between these points is so simple a child could follow it — maybe even Nancy Pelosi. For Trump to have incited violence in a crowd, that crowd must have heard what he had to say.

That makes sense, right? And it won’t require any complex explanation?

If they weren’t part of the crowd, there’s no sense in Democrats and media blaming the crowd of protesters.

If the attackers left before Trump addressed the crowd, their reasons for busting up the place must have been something OTHER than what the President said to supposedly ‘incite’ the crowd to violent action.

Source: Timeline does not support allegations against Trump of stirring violence