Some Covid Links

(Don Boudreaux)

Michael Esfeld decries the abuse of science during this time of Covid-19. A slice:

We know many cases from history, in particular of the last century in Europe and especially Germany, in which coercive state measures were legitimized as absolutely necessary from a scientific point of view and had devastating consequences for the people affected. Is it different this time? Is it possible and permissible to stop the spread of a virus through central state planning with a massive intervention in people’s lives – and especially the lives of those people who do not have much time left to live – without causing great harm?

Billy Binion reports that New York State strongman Andrew Cuomo continues to muck matters up.


Laura Dodsworth eloquently defends skeptics of lockdowns. A slice:

Lockdown doesn’t come without regulations. Supporting lockdown necessitates the implicit support of the regulations and enforcement of them. They aren’t just the nuclear option; they are the totalitarian option. They have also never been used or recommended before. Pre-emptive disaster and recovery planner, Lucy Easthope, told me that lockdowns have never been recommended for influenza or SARS epidemics. They were never recommendedby WHO until a little update of their website this year post-introduction of lockdowns, or by the UK government.

The Heritage Foundation has compiled a list of lockdown hypocrites. It’s long.

Source: Some Covid Links