What’s Wrong With Public Schools? It’s the Unions

To understand what’s gone wrong with big-city public education — where militant teachers union bosses dictate urban school policy and politics — just look to Chicago and the saga of Sarah Chambers.

Her embarrassing story has gone worldwide. But it does have a message.

It tells public school parents who want their kids back in school, and property taxpayers, everything they need to know:

That they don’t count. And their children don’t count.

Which is why some parents are leaving shutdown cities like Chicago to find places where their children can benefit from in-classroom learning rather than be dumbed down by Zoom instruction, which fails the kids.

And it is another reason, for the sake of all kids — but especially low-income children trapped in large, substandard public school systems — that there must be real school choice.

Chambers is a Chicago Teachers Union leader who was part of a union delegation that visited Venezuela in 2019 and praised its socialist government. On her social media accounts — which were under Sarah4Justice before she deleted them — she repeatedly posted entries telling teachers to stay out of classrooms and thwart Chicago school officials’ plans to reopen this week.

Source: What’s Wrong With Public Schools? It’s the Unions