Thoughts, the day after

As a thought experiment, just think for a moment if yesterday’s Capitol demonstration/protest/invasion had been perpetrated by BLM or some other leftist group. Does anyone doubt for a moment that the condemnation from the left, the Democrats, and the MSM would have been tepid and spotty, and the story would have died rather quickly?

The double standards we’ve had for years are a pernicious part of the problem, and they’re not going away any time soon, because yesterday was something people can sink their teeth into.

Some on the right are saying that the left will be using this like the Nazis used the Reichstag fire. If they mean “to stoke hatred against the right as well as to repress it further,” then I agree. I’m not sure whether most people saying this realize that there is no historical consensus on who set the Reichstag fire: Communists as accused, or the Nazis themselves. But there is no dispute on how it was used by the Nazis.

Source: Thoughts, the day after