My reaction #2 to the Trump-Raffensperger phone call

When I found and read a transcript here, it came as no surprise that Trump’s call with Raffensperger had been mischaracterized by the MSM as nefarious, when the actual call versus MSM discussion of the call seems to have been much as shipwreckedrew describes it here: “a case study in the media duplicity that President Trump has battled from day one.”

I suggest you read the transcript (or listen to the call, if you have more time and patience, or both). I believe you will find that it is basically a lawyer’s conference in which, as shipwreckedcrew writes:

…[T]he conversation immediately went to the basis for the election dispute lawsuit in Georgia and the position of the Trump Campaign as expressed in the complaint it has filed.

Much later in the call, closer to the end, Meadows comments on a possible follow-up meeting which would be considered part of further efforts to reach a settlement, “just like the call” — or words to that effect.

That was the first confirmation that I heard that the reason for the call taking place was to look for a settlement or narrowing of issues in dispute in the matter pending in state court in Georgia. From that perspective — which every IDIOT journalist whose stories I read failed to mention or understand that as part of providing context for the call — the President’s comments and Raffensperger’s responses made perfect sense.

These were adverse parties in pending litigation on the call, along with their counsel and advisors. Each side was arguing the facts and stating the case from their respective points of view. The President was not trying to “coopt” Raffensperger, he was trying to convince Raffensperger that the facts as alleged in the complaint filed were correct, and the Trump Campaign had the evidence to back them up.

The bulk of the call was Trump’s recitation of a litany of allegations of many different types of election fraud in Georgia, and Raffesnperger’s (and his lawyers’) denial. What emerged was that Trump and his team have been frustrated at receiving little or no specific information that refutes their charges of fraud, other than these generalized reassurances that Georgia hasn’t found any fraud to speak of. And Trump’s statements that the MSM has treated as suggesting that Raffensperger illegally “find” votes for Trump that weren’t cast is completely unsupported by the call. That exchange actually refers to Trump’s suggestion of some combination of throwing out illegally cast votes as well as allowing legally cast votes for Trump (such as provisional ballots that may not yet have been counted, and involve people who came to the polls and discovered that someone else had already voted in their name).

Source: My reaction #2 to the Trump-Raffensperger phone call