An Inapt Analogy about Covid-19

(Don Boudreaux) Tweet Here’s a response to Café Hayek commenter Richard Fulmer:

Mr. Fulmer: Thanks for commenting in a thread on Matt Zwolinski’s reply to my open letter . In one of your comments you take issue with a point made by commenter Patrick Barron


you write:

I choose to spray bullets in all directions and I demand that others “take whatever action they deem necessary” to protect themselves.

How virulent does a virus have to be before it becomes as deadly as my bullets? As deadly as Ebola? When it reaches that point, what is the libertarian response to the man who chooses to spray the virus in all directions?

I believe that your sprayed-bullets analogy is, for four reasons, inapt.


Source: An Inapt Analogy about Covid-19