“No evidence” of election fraud?

From what I’ve gleaned from discussions with liberal friends, this statement is true:

…evidence of massive election fraud in swing states during the 2020 election is widely known and understood by Americans who obtain their information from independent and conservative media. Those who only pay attention to legacy media sources, and most members of the political class, are almost completely unaware of that fraud and/or have swallowed the Democrat-media narrative that the fraud was insufficient to have changed the outcome of the election.

I purposely left out the first word of the quote, however. It was “Direct” as in “Directevidence.” I left it out because I’m not so sure there is much direct evidence. First, take a look at what “direct evidence” is:

Evidence that directly links a person to a crime, without the need of any inference (for example, they were seen committing the crime).

Much of the evidence we’ve seen so far is indirect and comes in the form of extremely suspicious activities (throwing out observers, videos of ballots that were under tables, etc.), and statistical anomalies that are very convincing but are not “direct evidence.”


Of course, in a normal trial, circumstantial evidence is also used to convict a criminal. However, that takes at least three things. The first is enough time to prepare a case, the second is access to the evidence, and the third is a court that doesn’t dismiss the case on technical grounds. With allegations of widespread fraud in the 2020 election, we don’t have nearly enough time, in many cases those who supervised the election are not willing and/or able to make the harder evidence available (for example, how does one match envelopes to ballots once the latter have been separated from the former?), and most of the cases so far have been dismissed on technical grounds such as lack of standing or the doctrine of laches.

Unfortunately, if a party is willing and able to commit massive election fraud, the legal system is inherently unable to deal with it in time, even if it had the will to do so. I think our system presently lacks both will and ability, and the MSM is invested in saying “nothing to see here; move along.” Therefore, this split will continue between the portion of the populace that believes such a fraud was perpetrated and the portion that thinks the first group to be delusional.

Source: “No evidence” of election fraud?