When Being Woke Becomes Criminal — and Deadly

Those government entities that have prioritized giving the Covid-19 virus to groups other than the elderly for racist reasons should be prosecuted under our civil rights laws. The wokeratti in local, state, and federal government are all for prioritizing distribution of the Covid-19 vaccine to non-white populations in order to achieve ‘racial justice.


If we are going to honor the Constitution and the laws of our nation, then we should be deciding likewise, that the sole criteria for distribution should be minimizing mortality of American citizens.  But, if we are not going to do that — if we are now a post-Constitutional tribal society where members of the white tribe are valued below other tribes, then we all need to be playing by tribal rules. (The quotations below are from Steven Pinker’s The Better Angels of Our Nature: Why Violence Has Declined.)

Stone Age tribes were exceptionally deadly, opting for unending stealth warfare with an appallingly high attrition rate:

A party of men will slink into an enemy village before dawn, fire arrows into the first men who emerge from their huts in the morning to pee, and then shooting the others as they rush out of their huts to see what the commotion is about. They may thrust their spears through walls, shoot arrows through doorways or chimneys, and set the huts on fire. They can kill a lot of drowsy people before the villagers organize themselves in defense, by which time the attackers have melted back into the forest.


Pinker notes that a society with a rate of 100 homicides per 100,000 would mean that “violence would start to affect you personally: assuming you have a hundred relatives, friends, and close acquaintances, then over the course of a decade one of them would probably be killed.”

With the above numbers in  mind, what does Pinker was happening in non-state tribal societies, i.e., tribal societies? “The average annual rate of death in warfare for the nonstate societies is 524 per 100,000….” Oh, my!

So, if we are now a tribal society . . . FUCK YOU. It’s tit for tat.   Just like virtually every member of every tribe in history, I will see you see you dead before any member of my tribe.

Source: When Being Woke Becomes Criminal — and Deadly

Be careful what you wish for.