The lockdown disease


The country this year which has been most ravaged by Covid-19 – losing a shocking 1,600 people in every million to the virus at the time of writing – is Belgium. That might come as something of a surprise. You could be forgiven for thinking it was America, thanks to Trump’s alleged ignorance of science.


The lockdowns are looking like a bigger problem than the disease.  One of the problems is the belief system of the left which insists that lockdowns are the only valid response to the virus.  They have become a tool of the cancel culture around the world.  The US has had different responses depending on the state, but the non-lockdown states have better results at this point and obviously have better economic results.

Florida is significantly better than in New York or California.  Yet New York is being praised for its response and Florida is the subject of criticism.  Florida benefits from more sunshine which is a source of vitamin D3 the absence of which creates greater vulnerability.  But that should also be true for California which is also suffering under lockdowns that limit outdoor activity.  It would be an interesting experiment to study the results of outbreaks, if any, in the nude resorts of Florida.

Source: The lockdown disease