The Nashville Christmas Day bombing was very very odd

Several people have pointed out that the Christmas Day bombing in Nashville had extremely unusual characteristics. When I heard that prior to the explosion an evacuation warning had been broadcast from a loudspeaker mounted on the RV that subsequently blew up, it brought to mind long-ago politically motivated bombings involving prior warnings such as the King David Hotel.

But not only did such cases occur in countries other than the US, but they involved situations in which the bombers and their agenda were no mystery at all. The Nashville incident is a complete mystery, at least so far. Here’s Andrea Widburg’s take on it:

Even if a person other than the bomber ended up dying, this bomb blast was not meant to take human life. The street would have been relatively deserted on Christmas morning and the RV itself warned people to leave the area. I therefore doubt that this was Islamic terrorism…

Source: The Nashville Christmas Day bombing was very very odd