Democrats are more anti-Semitic and the Middle East now

Andrea Widburg:

Over the past few years, Democrats, from Obama on down, have escalated their fetid mixture of anti-Israeli and anti-Semitic rhetoric. In the Middle East, however, the Trump administration’s peace efforts have resulted in an extraordinary de-escalation of those same sentiments.


On the American left, there can’t be any doubt that Democrats are increasingly hostile to Israel.  For example, among those strong enough to read Obama’s 768-page homage to himself, several have noted his hostility to Jews and to the Jewish state, views that Obama has long held, going back to his time in Rev. Wright’s anti-Semitic church and attending a party for Rashid Khalidi, Yasser Arafat’s former spokesman — an event so vile that the Los Angeles Times still refuses to release the video.

Source: Democrats are more anti-Semitic and the Middle East now