Teachable Union Moments

Lesson plans are a teacher’s daily guide for what students need to learn and how it will be taught. Because educators are always looking for new and interesting ways to engage kids, I have a few ideas that can be used to further student knowledge.


NEA president Lily Eskelsen García is vying for the Secretary of Education Secretary position, and some think she has a pretty good shot at getting it. In the past, as a hardcore unionista, she has referred to teacher performance metrics as “the mark of the devil.” She also claims that charter schools are “very misguided school reforms.” And just for good measure, she told a gathering in Michigan in 2014 that some school reformers are like zombies that are “eating our children’s brains.” As the union faithful were fawning over the above words, another comment by García has actually stunned them. Talking to a progressive political advocacy organization in 2015, it was recently revealed that she referred to special needs kids as “chronically tarded” and “medically annoying.” The hole she dug for herself was widened and deepened when she tried to explain that what she had meant to say was, er, um, “tardy” – and that the second gaffe was a reference to students who try to annoy their teachers when they have a bad day.

Source: Teachable Union Moments