The Tremendous Success of Operation Warp Speed

Such are images of hope: Nurses getting vaccinated. Pallets of packaged vaccines distributed on special flights. Mayors exulting over “the beginning of the end of the pandemic.” A president who is preparing the country for better times.

These images are from the United States.

In Germany, on the other hand, you see desolate shopping streets, shuttered restaurants and a government that is preparing its population for long, dark days.

The contrast is unmistakable. On the one hand, there is the supposedly incompetent Trump administration, which will provide vaccines to 20 million Americans in the next two to three weeks alone. By the end of March, the plan is for around 100 million Americans to have received the two vaccine injections they need.

On the other hand, there is the supposedly well-prepared Europeans, who continue to have to wait for a vaccine that was developed in Germany. And who still don’t know exactly how much of the vaccine they will be getting in the coming months.

That isn’t from the WSJ or Fox News but from Der Spiegel. Europe moved too slowly. Moreover, according to the article (take with grain of salt), Europe was riven with national partisanship leading to deadly decisions on par with the Trump administration battling states with Democratic governors.

Source: The Tremendous Success of Operation Warp Speed