2020, the year the experts killed us

2020 was not a bad year. It was just drawn that way. Throughout the year, the experts kept giving bad advice which resulted in 300,000 covid 19-related deaths.

The bad advice began from the get-go, when President Donald John Trump placed travel restrictions on Red China to stop the spread of the virus.

Within hours, STAT New reported, “Health experts warn China travel ban will hinder coronavirus response.”


WHO spokesman Tarik Jašarević said, “Although travel restrictions may intuitively seem like the right thing to do, this is not something that WHO usually recommends. This is because of the social disruption they cause and the intensive use of resources required.”
On February 5, the New York Times declared, “Who Says It’s Not Safe to Travel to China? The coronavirus travel ban is unjust and doesn’t work anyway.”
Later, Democrats complained that President Trump did not act quick enough in restricting travel.
On February 17, USA Today reported, “Top disease official: Risk of coronavirus in USA is ‘minuscule’; skip mask and wash hands.”
Tony Fauci had talked to the editorial board of the newspaper.
He said, “Whenever you have the threat of a transmissible infection, there are varying degrees from understandable to outlandish extrapolations of fear.”
Fauci also said, “If you look at the masks that you buy in a drug store, the leakage around that doesn’t really do much to protect you. People start saying, ‘Should I start wearing a mask?’ Now, in the United States, there is absolutely no reason whatsoever to wear a mask.”
Gee, I wonder where the anti-maskers got the idea that masks don’t work.

Source: 2020, the year the experts killed us