Quotation of the day on illogical alarmism over COVID and the biggest power grab ever….

 …. is from Alyssa’s Ahlghen’s article “ Panic, power and the pandemic “: We have lost our minds. We have said goodbye to any semblance of rationality or assessment of data and said hello to illogical alarmism.


A logical coronavirus “policy” when it comes to the public is quite simple. If you’re at risk, stay home and be safe. If you’re concerned, stay home and be safe. Take measures you believe are necessary to reduce the spread of the virus. As for everyone else, live your life. The health of an individual and the decisions surrounding it lies with the individual. As human beings, we have incredibly powerful amygdalae, the part of the brain that makes you feel fear. We are intuitive in doing what is best for our health and the health of our loved ones. The government doesn’t have an amygdala. The government has one thing — a desire for power.

Here’s the dirty, little secret: politicians know this. Within a span of months, 15 prominent Democrats were caught violating their own COVID policies. Getting haircuts, going on vacations, not wearing masks, participating in gatherings, eating indoors — all things you and I cannot do but our bureaucratic elite can. Politicians are allowed to make their own risk assessment but believe the people are too inept to do the same. The constant hypocrisy and illogical flexes of power have been taunting us as people’s livelihoods are being mercilessly destroyed.

Source: Quotation of the day on illogical alarmism over COVID and the biggest power grab ever….